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Alice Chan Joins as SVP of Marketing

Krishna Motukuri Jan 26, 2022 7:45:00 AM

2021 was an incredible year for Zippin. Many of our customers and partners forged ahead with ‘business as usual’—as much as was possible—with the initial turmoil caused by the pandemic behind them.

This ongoing growth in demand, combined with the need to continue to educate our customers and shoppers, made it clear that now is the time for us to double-down on our marketing investment. And in that light, I am thrilled to announce the addition of Alice Chan as our SVP of Marketing.

Alice is no stranger to Zippin. She started helping me and the founding team back in 2018 as a marketing consultant, and together with her team, ensured that Zippin was firmly established on the autonomous shopping landscape. In fact, she helped name the company before our launch in the summer of 2018. 

Over the last three years, thanks to the ability of Zippin’s AI technology to handle busy crowded stores, and our consistent execution in the field, we have earned a position as a serious challenger to Amazon Go’s assumed dominance. We now have Zippin-powered stores in 13 of the 50 states in the United States, and internationally.

Alice’s extensive background as an international marketer and communications professional, both here and in the U.K., has been applied to numerous high growth SaaS companies throughout her career. Her ability to put the customer experience front and center in marketing campaigns, and to work strategically across multiple functions in the business, make her a powerful addition to our leadership team.

Last year, Zippin’s focus on venues and sporting stadiums only got more intense as teams started to welcome back their fans to the action, and in many cases show off the investments they had made in technology and customer experience during the lockdown. This year, we are continuing to expand our footprint in transportation locations such as airports, train stations, and convenience stores aimed at serving major highways and urban areas. Recently, industry pundit, Kevin Coupe,, wrote: “I continue to believe that at some point, checkout-eliminating technologies will be as important as scanning.” We concur, entirely.

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