Half a Million Shoppers Have Now Shopped At a Zippin-Powered Store

By Libby Spicer - April 26, 2022

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Half a Million Shoppers Have Now Shopped At a Zippin-Powered Store

With 50 Stores Launched Worldwide, Zippin Hits Key Milestones in Adoption 
of Checkout-free Technology

SAN MATEO, Calif. April 26, 2022 -- Zippin, the leading provider of checkout-free technology, today announced that it has reached a key milestone having served over half a million shoppers in one of its 50 Zippin-powered stores. Zippin calculates that it has saved consumers over 83,000 hours to date, conservatively estimating that frictionless retail reduces the average shopping trip by 10 minutes.

As our desire for more and more frictionless experiences continues to grow, Zippin plans to scale rollout of its technology with key partners around the globe, improving the overall retail experience and establishing its position as the top checkout-free platform provider. 

“Retailers are under immense pressure to deliver fast, frictionless experiences for consumers, and this is especially true in high-traffic venues where time is limited,” said Krishna Motukuri, CEO and co-founder of Zippin. “We recognize that speed can’t come at the expense of accuracy. With each new store launch, Zippin’s AI improves its ability to provide the best experience for both retailers and shoppers, who are fast coming to expect this level of convenience. That’s why it’s so important that we continue to scale, quickly.” 


How It Works - Zippin’s Superior Technology

With a simple tap of a credit card to enter the store, shoppers pick what they need and exit, without the hassle and wasted time of waiting in line. Zippin uses superior multi-modal AI-powered technology to deliver the most accurate solution to its partners. Even in locations with high foot traffic, such as stadiums and venues that offer a complex selection of products, Zippin’s AI software automatically tracks what items are selected by which person, and whether they are put back, or leave with the shopper. 

With more than 40 stores across the U.S. and 10 internationally, its most recent openings include: 

  • Two “Buzz City” Zippin Lanes, inside the Spectrum Center, home to the Charlotte Hornets 
  • One West Market store, the largest Zippin-powered convenience store featuring more than 2,500 different SKUs in its 4,000-square-feet space
  • Four additional Zippin-powered stores at a premier East Coast NBA arena

Acceleration towards the frictionless economy continues as over one hundred additional Zippin-powered stores are aiming to open by the end of the year, helping retailers increase throughput, improve ROI, and provide excellent customer service. For more information, please visit https://www.getzippin.com

About Zippin 
Zippin has developed the next generation of checkout-free technology enabling retailers to quickly deploy frictionless shopping in their stores. Our approach uses AI, machine learning and sensor fusion technology to create the best consumer experience, banishing checkout lines and self-scanners for good, and letting shoppers zip in and out with their purchases. Zippin's technology is being used by retailers on four continents to power checkout-free experiences in their street-front retail stores as well as stores in a wide variety of venues such as stadiums, offices, airports, train stations, hotels, convention centers and residential buildings. For more information, visit us at https://www.getzippin.com. 



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