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Innovation at NAMA 2023, Powered by Zippin

Anne-Marie Desaulniers May 16, 2023 6:03:20 AM
Team at NAMA 2023 Innovation Way

We just wrapped up a fantastic week at the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Show 2023. NAMA represents 1,000 member companies within the convenience services business, a $31 billion dollar US industry. Thanks to all of you who visited us at the expo to learn more about Zippin!

The event was an opportunity to network with leaders, learn how operators are overcoming industry challenges, and see the latest innovations in convenience services. Through our partnership with The Central Group and Mars-Wrigley, we showcased a Zippin-powered store at Innovation Way. Our technology was recently featured in an Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) article that highlighted the technologies that “mesmerized” attendees at the NAMA event. 

Checkout-free technology helps operators address today’s ongoing labor shortages, providing the flexibility to give shoppers a better experience without increasing labor needs. Employees greet and assist shoppers as they enter the store instead of being stuck behind a cash register. Greeting customers alone has proven to increase customer satisfaction and can help increase sales. When you couple this friendly service with faster, frictionless shopping and no waiting in line, you can begin to see the power of checkout-free. That’s why Zippin-powered stores have seen revenue increases as high as 240% and have shoppers raving about the experience. 

Zippin can help college and medical campuses, manufacturing and office buildings, residential complexes, hotels, and others in the convenience services industry stand out as innovation leaders and provide their customers with fast, efficient shopping. Ready to learn more? Let’s talk.

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