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Live Webinar - Leveraging Checkout-Free to Appeal to Today’s Travelers at Your Travel Center or Truck Stop

Libby Spicer Dec 2, 2022 7:16:50 AM
Join us December 8 for a live webinar at 1:00 EST - How to Leverage Checkout-Free to Appeal to Today’s Travelers at your Travel Center.

At Zippin, our mission of accelerating the adoption of checkout-free means that we’re constantly looking for ideal places for frictionless shopping. Travel plazas and truck stops, for example,  have always been relied upon as convenient places to stop and refuel, but the very definition of convenience is evolving. Today, customers expect more frictionless experiences. By adopting checkout-free shopping, truck stops and travel centers have the potential to be meccas of modern convenience, and operators are curious to know more. 

That’s why we’re presenting a webinar to answer these questions and talk about the measurable benefits that checkout-free can bring to these businesses, including higher revenues, faster speed of service, and greater customer satisfaction. Having somewhere to stop for food and fuel, a break from driving, or a hot shower is a great service, but not the final destination, and speed is of the essence. That’s why many leading travel center operators are investing in technology to help guests get to where they’re going with less friction and less unnecessary downtime. We’ll address how Zippin’s checkout-free platform works, how it transforms the shopping experience, and tips for getting started today. 

This was the busiest Thanksgiving travel weekend in years, with an estimated 49 million travelers on the road. Many of these travelers stopped at travel centers or truck stops, making for some of the busiest days of the year for operators. All this additional volume, against a backdrop of a tough labor market, can lead to crowds and lines for hungry truckers and travelers alike. 

Join us December 8 for a live webinar at 1:00 EST - How to Leverage Checkout-Free to Appeal to Today’s Travelers at your Travel Center. Moderated by Amy Toner, executive director of the NATSO Foundation, you’ll hear from Vivek Malik, SVP of Store Systems at Zippin, and Bonnie Milam, director of product marketing at Zippin to discover:

  • What is checkout-free shopping?
  • What’s driving the adoption of checkout-free?
  • How checkout-free transforms the shopping experience
  • Best practices for getting started

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