SXSW Online 2021: Vote for Zippin and The Sacramento Kings

By Alice Chan - November 11, 2020

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives. Almost overnight, it changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we play. As we begin to get aspects of our life back, and we enter this “new normal”, safety and efficiency are keys to moving forward whether that’s at work or at the game.

Along with all major live events, think sports games and concerts, SXSW Online 2021 (March 16-20) is going to look different than SXSW of the past. Which is why the virtual panel we’ve proposed, entitled: Beer & Hot Dogs At The Game: Half-time In No Time -  couldn’t be more on point. 

On the virtual stage we hope to be joining Forrester’s Sr. Analyst, Scott Compton, who will be moderating a conversation between Sacramento Kings’ President, John Rinehart, and our own CEO and co-founder, Krishna Motukuri, as they explore the future of retail and food service at sporting venues. 

In our discussion we’ll explore the benefits of technology, like checkout-free platforms, that can provide easy, intuitive and seamless ways to enhance entertainment and ensure you can spend more time focused on the action.

The only way you’ll get to hear this conversation is if our panel is selected for SXSW Online 2021 - you can do your part by voting for us here. Simply create an account and then upvote us on the left side. 


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