3 Questions Most Candidates Ask In An Interview At Zippin

By Benjamin Fahlgren - April 05, 2022

Here at Zippin we’re proud to be a challenger brand taking on the 500lb gorilla in the provision of our checkout-free shopping platform,  and we’re leading the way, having launched the most frictionless stores in the market. In my role as Senior Manager of People Operations at a fast-growing company, we do a lot of hiring. Recruiting top talent as a remote-first company, in the middle of a pandemic, has been a fascinating challenge.

Two years ago, hiring a candidate after a handful of video interviews - without ever meeting in person - was rare. With a recent survey by Upwork found that 40.7 million American professionals are projected to be fully remote by 2025, the landscape has changed, as have the questions that candidates ask in their interviews.

There are no visual cues for candidates to lean on when interviews are being hosted online and not in your office.  As you can imagine, questions about values, culture, and workflow, take on increased importance when you have to articulate every aspect of the answer. Having conducted more than 300 interviews in the last 12 months alone, I thought it would be interesting to share a few key questions that come up frequently.

What's the culture like at Zippin?

We are a pragmatic, hard-working team of professionals. We’re customer-focused and we understand that we succeed by helping our customers to achieve their goals while delivering the best possible shopper experience. We prioritize collaboration, not just internally, but also with our customers and partners, to get things done and help accelerate the adoption of checkout-free stores around the world.

We highly value integrity, which in turn leads to the ability to trust one another to do the right thing. An example of this is our unlimited paid time off policy. We believe our employees need time away from work, and they are the best judge of how much time they should take to recharge and refuel.

How risk-tolerant is Zippin, and how do we react to failure?

This question may be a direct result of the upheavals caused by the pandemic, or a desire to have the freedom to experiment. Either way, one of our core company values: continuous improvement, is deeply baked into our culture. This means we’re always looking for ways to improve as we fervently believe this will help us maintain our market leadership, and bring us closer to our vision: to be the operating system for automated stores.

How does being remote affect the culture and work at Zippin?

This is the most frequent question by far. Companies have been providing remote working options since long before the pandemic, and many more now offer it as a way to provide their employees with more flexibility, and to gain access to a broader pool of talent. At Zippin, remote-first is a deliberate endeavor and one we work at every day. No matter the distance—and we have teams across the U.S., on the east of Canada, and many in India— we have the communication tools available to create a foundation for seamless collaboration.

Co-founders Motilal Agrawal and Krishna Motukuri


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