Watch Our Webinar Replay: Top Trends in Artificial Intelligence for Physical Retail

By Alice Chan - February 02, 2021

Recently, Zippin co-founder and Chief Scientist, Moti Agrawal, hosted a webinar entitled: “Artificial Intelligence for Physical Retail,” providing an overview of the latest trends in AI impacting retailers. 

We are in a period of rapid acceleration and adoption of AI and machine learning in the retail space, with many retailers evolving their operations and adopting new technologies to achieve frictionless shopping and multichannel retail. Our webinar covers several topics in an overview about AI, including:

  • The history of AI since the early days of “Shakey the Robot.” 
  • Latest trends in AI and machine learning - what is AI now able to do that was not possible just a few years ago? 
  • Types of AI and machine learning applications for retail
  • The “ABC” being driven AI today: algorithms, Big Data, and compute 
  • How much more data is being created and uploaded today, and how does this affect the development of AI and machine learning? 

If you want to learn more about the specific opportunities and applications of AI technology for brick-and-mortar retail stores, Moti offers specific retail-focused insights and trends, such as: 

  • Comparing AI for e-commerce and AI for physical retail: how to use AI technology to compete against online retail, how to create multi-channel retail
  • How AI for physical retail can improve the customer experience. 
  • Specific examples of how leading retailers are already using AI in their in-store experience.
  • How frictionless shopping technology can improve retailers’ net profits by up to 3x! 
  • How AI for physical retail can improve your inventory management, product discovery, in-store customer insights, and more. 
  • What are the first steps that retailers need to take to get ready for deploying AI technology in their stores. 

AI for physical retail is not just about checkout-free technology, it’s about digital transformation of the retail environment to create a better experience for customers, and better productivity, store insights, and profitability for retailers.  

To watch the replay of our webinar on “Top Trends in Artificial Intelligence for Physical Retail” register here.

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