Watch Our Webinar Replay: Why Contactless Concessions Are the Way Forward For Sports Venues

By Alice Chan - June 01, 2021

Recently, Zippin SVP Business Development, Gary Jacobus, hosted a webinar with Zippin’s partner Aramark on the topic of “Why Contactless Concessions Are the Way Forward for Sports Venues.” Alicia Woznicki, VP Design & Development, Aramark Sports & Entertainment, was the special guest with Gary as they discussed an overview of the latest trends in stadium concessions and how checkout-free technology like Zippin’s can help venues create a better gameday experience. 

The pandemic has forced stadiums to be empty or nearly empty for the past year, but as live sports return and as more venues are hopefully able to return to full capacity later in 2021, there are big opportunities for venue operators to improve their operations by adopting contactless concessions technologies. 

Our webinar covers several key trends and topics about the future of cashierless concessions, including:  

  • State of Play for Stadium Operators - fans are coming back as the pandemic hopefully subsides; how can venues capitalize on new opportunities? 
  • Transforming the Fan Experience - how checkout-free technology makes the gameday experience more frictionless for fans. 
  • How do Contactless Concessions Work - broad overview of Zippin’s technology and how it works for consumers. 
  • Benefits of Checkout-free for Venue Operators - insights on how checkout-free concessions can boost sales and improve operations for venues.  
  • Which Sports Venues Are Already Using Checkout-Free Technology - Zippin is already partnering with Aramark for DRINK MKT beverage stores at the San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center, the Denver Broncos’ Empower Field at Mile High, and other venues. 

Gary and Alicia also discuss some of the most important learning experiences gained during the pandemic. The past year has been incredibly challenging for venue operators as well as for many other industries, but it has also opened up new opportunities to experiment and innovate to create a better experience at sports venues in the future. 

Get specific insights and examples on how cashierless technology can improve operations for your venue, including: 

  • How to integrate checkout-free stores into arena concessions
  • What are the ideal formats, sizes, and types of items to be sold from a checkout-free concessions stand
  • How cashierless concessions can help improve throughput and speed-of-service - even for customers who are waiting in line at traditional concession stands nearby 
  • How checkout-free concessions can help sports venues increase their net profit 
  • The missed opportunities of waiting in line - how sports venues are missing out on revenue
  • How cashierless platforms can help venues offer better a variety of product SKUs 
  • What the future of sports venue concessions look like 5 years from now 

These are exciting times for sports venues as teams welcome fans back to the stands. Venue operators have been partnering with Zippin behind the scenes to think more creatively about how to develop a gameday experience that is not only safe, but more convenient, frictionless and fun. If you want to get valuable insights into the future of contactless concessions, check out our webinar with Zippin’s Gary Jacobus and Aramark’s Alicia Woznicki. 

To watch the replay of our webinar on Why Contactless Concessions Are the Way Forward For Sports Venues register here.

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