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Webinar Replay: Checkout-free For Truck Stops and Travel Centers

Bonnie Milam Dec 20, 2022 6:00:00 AM
NATSO and Zippin talk about the changing expectations of convenience shoppers, impacted by frictionless experiences they have grown accustomed to.

Our recent webinar, “How to Leverage Checkout-Free to Appeal to Today’s Travelers at your Travel Center” discussed how checkout-free helps truck stop and travel center operators solve common challenges. Executive director of the NATSO Foundation, Amy Toner, spoke with Zippin’s SVP of Store Systems, Vivek Malik, and Director of product marketing, Bonnie Milam, about the changing expectations of convenience shoppers, impacted by frictionless experiences they have grown accustomed to. These could include online shopping, concerts, sporting events, and airline travel. Checkout-free brings frictionless shopping experiences to truck stops and travel centers, to meet or even exceed expectations carried over from any number of other locations. 

The webinar also revealed recommendations and information on how truck stops and travel center owners and operators can get started with checkout-free in their locations, fast. When people come into a travel center, that’s not their final destination. They’re on their way somewhere else. They want to refuel their cars and bodies and be on their way. Anything that takes away from these objectives, like an item out-of-stock, a long checkout line, or not being able to find an associate for assistance detracts from the customer experience and can leave a lasting negative impression. 

Across virtually every industry, technology is making it easier for people to live their lives.  Mobile ticketing, online check-in, curbside pickup, and order-ahead shopping are pervasive today, but most brick-and-mortar stores still operate inefficient point-of-sale systems.  

In the webinar, available for download here, Zippin shared how checkout-free is a great way to:

  • Grow revenues
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Give employees a more interesting job
  • Give customers an experience that keeps them coming back

We were glad to share the benefits that checkout-free can offer to the travel industry, an industry that defines itself by delivering convenient and quick shopping. 1.2 million people have shopped in a Zippin-powered store and been amazed by how easy it was. Reach out below for more information on how to transform the shopping experience and give your customers their valuable time back.

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