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Year in Review: Checkout-free in 2022

Libby Spicer Dec 30, 2022 7:46:17 AM
Going into 2023, our mission of accelerating the adoption of checkout-free technology is in full motion.

Those interested in checkout-free technology know that our Checking In blog is home to trends, best practices, and news on this area of retail technology. In 2022, our most popular posts were all about location. Going into 2023, our mission of accelerating the adoption of checkout-free technology is in full motion. Here’s a look back at the most read topics.

More Zippin, please!

Quick-serve locations like stadiums and arenas know the value of checkout-free, and in 2022 they adopted the mantra of “more is more.”  CITYPARK in St. Louis and Nissan Stadium in Nashville both debuted checkout-free for their fans with multiple locations.  NRG Stadium also expanded its checkout-free offering ahead of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo back in March, serving thousands of customers for multiple weeks straight. 

Changing the Economics for Retailers

Zippin Lane debuted in September 2022 and captured the imagination of retailers looking for the fastest route to checkout-free. Spaces that were under-utilized instantly became revenue generators, and for stadiums, the ROI reported was immediate and compelling. 

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas opened four new stores ahead of the 2022 NFL season, seeing great results out of the gate. Just a few months later, its Fan Experience team reported even higher returns citing 78% increase in revenues, 61% increase in per-caps, and an average shopping time of just 35-45 seconds. 

Checkout-free Everywhere

Key partnerships like Zippin’s work with Mastercard caught the eye of readers in 2022 and for good reason. Zippin now powers its Shop Anywhere Platform and will be debuting more frictionless stores in 2023. 

Exciting new locations like Dave & Buster’s also showed the industry how checkout-free, and the convenience it delivers for shoppers, has no bounds. Anywhere retailers are looking for an edge with revenue, labor issues, or efficiency, they can look to checkout-free for a solution. 

There’s so much more to look forward to in 2023! To get ready, the full list of top Checking In blogs from 2022 is below. 


Checking In’s Top Blogs from 2022:

  1. Zippin Announces Second Checkout-free Store At Houston's NRG Stadium In Partnership with Aramark

  2. Zippin Introduces Zippin Lane, a New Concept Enabling Concessionaires and Retailers to Get a Checkout-free Store Up and Running Within a Week
  3. CITYPARK Launches First Checkout-Free Stores in Major League Soccer
  4. Tennessee Titans’ Nissan Stadium and Zippin to Launch Five Checkout-Free Stores In Time for Pre-Season

  5. Zippin Teams Up with Mastercard To Deliver Frictionless Shopping Experiences at Scale

  6. Dave & Buster’s and Coca-Cola Tap Zippin for the World’s First In-Restaurant Checkout-Free Experience

  7. Half a Million Shoppers Have Now Shopped At a Zippin-Powered Store

  8. 5 Unintended Consequences of Self-Checkout

  9. A New Look For Zippin

  10. Alice Chan Joins as SVP of Marketing

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