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standing in line.
For good.

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Zippin’s proprietary approach combines vision cognition technology with machine learning to accurately account for shopper behavior and product whereabouts in-store. We do this by combining inputs from overhead cameras with product tracking —and when necessary shelf sensors—for the highest level of accuracy, even in crowded stores.

A simply better
way to shop

The idea for Zippin was born when co-founder and CEO, Krishna Motukuri, was sent out to buy organic milk for his young toddler. Finding an excruciatingly long line at his favorite store, he abandoned Plan A, and ended up buying cheap milk at the local corner store. Plan B wasn't received too well at home, and he realized that there had to be a better way.

Fast forward to today. Here at Zippin we are at the forefront of the fast emerging frictionless economy. We’ve developed the next generation of checkout-free technology enabling retailers to quickly deploy frictionless shopping in their stores. We use AI, machine learning and sensor fusion technology to create the best consumer experience. Our vision is to banish checkout lines and self-checkout for good, so shoppers can zip in and out with their purchases.

Zippin was founded by industry veterans from Amazon and SRI with deep backgrounds in retail technology, AI, and computer vision. We have received venture funding from some of Silicon Valley's best known firms.

Read more about the frictionless economy in our white paper.

  Our Vision

To become the operating system
for automated stores.

 Our Mission

To accelerate the world’s adoption
of checkout-free stores.

  Our Values

Our values serve as guiding principles that shape our culture,  business strategy, and the way we interact with our customers and partners

 R:  Robust, Reliable, and Stable Systems
 A:  Accelerate innovation and execution 
 C: Customer-focused, continuous improvement
 E:  Efficiency and Expansion of our products 

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