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The future of checkout-free retail has arrived and retailers around the globe are already embracing the opportunities presented by frictionless shopping. Going checkout-free can help your business in a number of ways, all of which are good for the bottom line.

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  • Eliminating checkout lines and freeing-up valuable real estate
  • Keeping shoppers and workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Providing a simply better customer experience
  • Improving store efficiency by deploying staff for higher-value tasks
  • Getting advanced analytics and e-commerce-style insights about customer behavior
  • Enhancing inventory management, including knowing which products are where, and in what quantities


Zippin is Quick and Easy to Deploy


In many instances we  only need one or two days to install our checkout-free technology. We use off-the-shelf hardware to make build-out affordable and simpler for retailers. Zippin’s platform is easily installed within your existing store format, and we can connect cameras and sensors to your current shelving and coolers. No extra real estate, server rooms, or special accommodations are required.

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Zippin is deployed at leading retailers around the world

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Zippin worked in partnership with Fujitsu to create a pilot store with Lawson, one of Japan’s leading convenience store brands. Located in Tokyo and launched in February 2020, this was the first checkout-free store in the world to use palm reader technology.

Lojas Americanas

Zippin has a strategic partnership with Lojas Americanas, Brazil’s largest retailer, to bring checkout-free technology to the company’s new “Ame Go” stores.

Sacramento Kings/Golden 1 Center

Golden 1 Center is a world-class entertainment and sports arena in downtown Sacramento and home to the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. Zippin and Golden 1 Center worked together to create the world’s first in-arena checkout-free convenience store.

Denver Broncos/Empower Field at Mile High

The Denver Broncos are a multiple-championship winning franchise in the National Football League. Their iconic home stadium, Empower Field at Mile High, has worked with Zippin to introduce the first checkout-free convenience store experience in the NFL.



As we shape the future of frictionless shopping, our partners are crucial to our ability to distribute and deploy our platform around the world. Our checkout-free technology enables our partners to create better retail solutions and enhanced customer experiences at sports stadiums, corporate campuses, convention centers, grocery and convenience stores, and anywhere else people shop.

“Zippin is the way of the future, and not just in the stadium environment, but in any environment where you have a large crowd that needs to be serviced quickly.”

- Alison Birdwell, President of Aramark Sports and Entertainment
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Zippin has flexible ways of working with partners. We either work directly with our partners to help them serve their customers (e.g.: stadium operators, events facility managers), or our partner introduces us to their customer and we work directly with that organization to install and manage checkout-free technology.

Who We Work With

Zippin Partners


Aramark, a global leader in food services and facilities management for stadiums and sports arenas, serves over 100 million sports fans a year. Together we have created a checkout-free Drink Market at Empower Field at Mile High, home of the Denver Broncos.


Zippin's partnership with Fujitsu makes Fujitsu an exclusive distributor of Zippin’s technology in Japan, with the goal of creating a new AI smart store business in 2021 powered by Zippin’s checkout-free platform.



Compass Group North America serves award-winning restaurants, corporate cafes, hospitals, schools, arenas, museums and more. Through our partnership we are focused on delivering checkout-free experiences to corporate and higher ed campuses.

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