What Sets Zippin Apart

Zippin is a leader in checkout-free technology. We opened one of the first checkout-free stores in the U.S. in San Francisco in the summer of 2018. We offer the best technology platform available to help retailers transform their operations and take advantage of the new opportunities offered by frictionless shopping. 

With precision sensors to recognize products and shopper behavior, advanced AI, faster deployment in stores, and advanced eCommerce-style insights, Zippin’s technology delivers a superior platform for checkout-free retail.

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Higher Accuracy: Zippin's checkout-free technology uses a proprietary system of overhead cameras along with smart shelf sensors, combining the powers of smart sensing, vision cognition and machine learning technologies. This gives our platform better visibility into the store environment and highly accurate recognition of shopper behaviors.


Smarter Action Recognition: Recent advances in AI technology have helped Zippin’s technology get faster and smarter at recognizing shopper’s actions in the store. Our AI technology recognizes when customers pick up products and put them back.


Handles Crowds: Zippin’s technology achieves a high level of precision and confidence even when stores are crowded. Our platform can handle a store's maximum occupancy limit as mandated by local fire department codes.


Speed to Deploy: Zippin’s technology can be deployed much faster: often within a day or two, whereas other solutions might take up to three months before they are ready to deploy. This means almost minimal disruption to existing store traffic for retailers. Our technology can be programmed in-house at the retailer’s location using our compute platforms and algorithms.


Change Inventory Faster: Zippin’s technology allows retailers to onboard and sell new products faster since retailers don’t have to send their products to Zippin for scanning or uploading into the platform’s database, and offers more flexibility with inventory management. You can change products as often as you want, and add each new product to the Zippin system on-site at the store.


Maximizes Real Estate: Zippin’s system does not require on-site server rooms or hog real estate. The system is maintained and managed remotely with 24/7 technical support. Other than ceiling cameras, smart shelf sensors, and store entry scanners, no on-site hardware is required to be installed in the store.



Improving Retail Business Performance

Zippin’s checkout-free technology helps retailers cut costs, boost store efficiency, and create a compelling customer experience:


Better Store Efficiency

Checkout-free technology lets you reassign your checkout staff to higher-value tasks including personalized customer service, picking items for curbside pickup or delivery, and more.


Real-time Inventory Tracking

Zippin’s platform tracks all of your inventory. Customers and retailers know exactly what item is on each shelf in real-time. Now you can easily give customers directions for where to find products.


Easier Restocking

Zippin provides out-of-stock alerts, making restocking easier than ever. Store staff or direct suppliers simply walk in with products and place them on shelves. The Zippin system provides verification and stock transfer automatically.


Advanced E-commerce-style Insights

Retailers receive detailed analytics for deeper customer insights, including time spent looking at a product, whether a shopper looked at marketing signage, which products were picked, and which products were put back on the shelf.


Lower Store Operating Expenses

Retailers save on store operating costs, as they do not have to dedicate staff to manage checkout, or allocate expensive real estate for cash registers and lines. This dramatically increases their margins.

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Better Distribution for Omnichannel Retail

Checkout-free stores are significantly more efficient to operate, making it possible for retailers to open more stores in more locations. Zippin’s platform gives stores the ability to serve as micro-fulfillment centers for e-commerce, enabling a truly multi-channel experience.

How Zippin Works

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Zippin’s proprietary approach combines vision cognition technology with machine learning to accurately account for shopper behavior and product whereabouts in-store. We do this by combining inputs from overhead cameras with product tracking—using smart shelf sensors—for the highest level of accuracy, even in a crowded store.

Zippin's Superior Technology


Highly Accurate

Unlike other technology solutions, which rely solely on camera-based systems, Zippin fuses information from multiple sensors, including cameras and shelf sensors, resulting in higher accuracy. We deploy our AI algorithms on small edge devices in stores, requiring lower internet bandwidth.


High Crowd Density

Zippin does not impose any limits on the maximum number of customers that can shop simultaneously in the store, unlike other technology solutions that struggle to maintain accuracy and keep track of items when the store gets crowded.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

By using commodity hardware we keep costs low for retailers. Related support and maintenance costs are also low due to the fact that non-functioning components can be easily and readily replaced.


Ease of Installation

Zippin uses off-the-shelf components making hardware installation simple, and without placing a burden on store owners. Most hardware can be installed within a day or two in the store. Zippin works with existing store formats, existing shelving and coolers, and standard power supply and internet connections.


Affordable Installation

All of our sensors are powered using power over ethernet (POE), significantly reducing the installation labor to wire them. A single CAT6 cable supplies both power and data to all of our sensors.


No Servers or Desktops Needed

By eliminating the need for servers or desktops, we have also eliminated the need for expensive system administration contracts. There’s no need to build out a separate server room or rack. All Zippin hardware is managed in the cloud with state-of-the-art cloud monitoring software and alerts.


Total Privacy

Shoppers can shop anonymously in our stores thanks to multiple layers of privacy protection. Once the shopper has selected the item they want, they can put it in their shopping bag, purse or pocket. This allows for a level of discreteness and privacy, that may be desired, e.g. if they are buying personal hygiene products, etc.


Better Discovery

With Zippin, you will always know where your products are located in the store, even if they have been inadvertently put in the wrong location. As a result, you can offer your customers turn-by-turn directions to an item’s exact location.


Flexible Payment Support

Zippin’s platform allows customers to pay for their purchases through credit card terminals in store or through their App on the phone. In addition, we provide payment APIs that can be integrated into the retailer’s application.


Faster Product On-boarding

With some solutions, retailers have to ship products off-site so each SKU can be scanned, indexed, and added to the platform’s database. With Zippin, retailers can add new products to their store instantly, saving time to deploy and making it easy to add new SKUs.


See Zippin in Action


Pricing is calculated based on each store’s needs, square footage, and other factors specific to each customer and retail location.

For more information about pricing, let’s meet.



The Future of Retail is Checkout-Free

U.S. consumers spent an average of 118 hours waiting in line, and one thing is certain: we hate queuing - especially in stores.

At Zippin we plan to banish standing in line—for good—with our checkout-free technology that’s easy and cost-effective for retailers to deploy, and greatly improves customer experiences in-store. What’s more, Zippin offers unparalleled inventory tracking and insights to ensure the right products are in the right place, at the right time.
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