Zippin's Checkout-Free Platform

Sensors and Clever Software


Increased Sales

Enjoy sales increases due to improved customer experience. Staff can focus on providing personalized customer service, vs. scanning products at the checkout.


Real-time Inventory Tracking

Since all inventory is tracked, both customers and retailers know exactly what item is on each shelf in real-time, and Zippin provides out-of-stock alerts.


Ease of Restocking

Restocking is easier than ever. Store staff or DSD suppliers just walk in and place products on shelves. Zippin provides verification and stock transfer automatically.


Advanced in-store analytics

Retailers get detailed analytics, including time spent looking at a product, whether a shopper looked at marketing signage, products picked or put back, etc.


Lower store operating expenses

Retailers save on store operating costs and see a dramatic increase in margins, as they don't need to dedicate manpower and expensive real estate to checkout.


Better accessibility to products

Operating efficiencies mean retailers can open more stores in more locations, improving access to products. Stores can act as micro-fulfillment centers for e-commerce for a truly multi-channel experience.

How Zippin Works

How Zippin Works Illustration

Zippin’s proprietary approach combines vision cognition technology with machine learning to accurately account for shopper behavior and product whereabouts in-store. We do this by combining inputs from overhead cameras with product tracking—using smart shelf sensors—for the highest level of accuracy, even in a crowded store.

Zippin's Superior Technology


Highly Accurate

Other solutions rely on one sensor, e.g. a camera. We fuse information from cameras AND weight-sensitive shelf sensors to offer two independent sources of truth and optimal accuracy for what products have been selected.


High Crowd Density

Zippin can handle the maximum number of customers fire department codes will permit in any store. Unlike other technology solutions that struggle to maintain accuracy and keep track of items when the store gets crowded.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

By using commodity hardware we keep costs low for retailers. Related support and maintenance costs are also low due to the fact that non-functioning components can be easily and readily replaced.


Ease of Installation

Installation is typically simple and without onerous requirements on store owners. Zippin works with existing store formats, shelving and coolers, and standard power supply and internet connections.


No Servers or Desktops Needed

By eliminating the need for servers or desktops, we have also removed the need for expensive system administration contracts, with no need to build out a separate server room or rack.


Items Sold by Weight

With weight sensors integral to our shelves, Zippin’s platform can handle fresh produce, prepared food sold by weight e.g. salads and cooked foods, and any other items priced by weight.


Total Privacy

Once a shopper selects the item they want from the shelf, they can put it in their bag or pocket. This provides privacy that may be desired by customers, e.g. when buying personal hygiene products, etc


Better Discovery

With Zippin, you'll always know where your products are located in the store, even if they have been put in the wrong location. You can now offer customers turn-by-turn directions to an item’s exact location.


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The Future of Retail is Checkout-Free

U.S. consumers spent an average of 118 hours waiting in line, and one thing is certain: we hate queuing - especially in stores.

At Zippin we plan to banish standing in line—for good—with our checkout-free technology that’s easy and cost-effective for retailers to deploy, and greatly improves customer experiences in-store. What’s more, Zippin offers unparalleled inventory tracking and insights to ensure the right products are in the right place, at the right time.
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