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Zippin Walk-Up


Zippin Walk-Up transforms traditional food and beverage concession stands into checkout-free shopping faster and easier than ever before. Using your existing kitchen and counters, simply add ready-to-install Zippin equipment. Stands can be converted in just days.

And did we mention? There's no CapEx. 

Zippin Walk-Up

Lower Cost

All-inclusive subscription pricing model with no CapEx required. 

Labor Saving

Staff can prep food and help shoppers without running a cash register.

Easy Setup

You can do the installation yourself. There's no construction required.

Real Results with Zippin Walk-Up

80% - 100% growth

Gameday sales growth
as a Zippin Walk-Up versus
the same stand before conversion. 

32 seconds

Average shopping times
(including browsing) with
baskets averaging 2.4 items. 

62% - 74% hot foods

Sales of freshly prepared foods
make up the majority of sales
at Zippin Walk-Ups.  

"Everything is just so fast, the biggest focus is production keeping up."

VP Design & Development | Aramark Sports + Entertainment

Zippin Walk-Up

Zippin Walk-Up Key Features

       Camera-only AI-tracking, no weight sensors

      Works with any foods, drinks, and snacks (hot or cold) 

      No construction, permits, or floor drilling required

      Comes with step-by-step installation guide

      Supports a range of payment types, including VenueNext

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