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Zippin Customer
Case Studies

Learn how Zippin’s customers are growing revenues, delighting shoppers, and streamlining operations with Zippin’s checkout-free platform. Zippin helps retailers and QSR operators eliminate friction from the shopping experience and helps stores run more efficiently even when short-staffed.

Allegiant Stadium Zippin Lane

Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium, home to the Las Vegas Raiders, deployed four Zippin Lanes to eliminate bottlenecks in their food and beverage service. The goal? Keep fans in their seats so they can spend as much time as possible enjoying the action. After just a single season, the results have been remarkable:


Revenue Growth


Higher Per-Caps


Increase in Avg. Basket

> %

Conversion Rate

Fort Worth Magazine - DFW

Puente Enterprises recently opened Fort Worth Magazine, a Zippin-powered convenience store in DFW, the country’s second busiest airport. Checkout-free helps travelers and airline employees get to where they’re going on time, improve the employee experience, and grow sales.

In the first few months of operation, the store has seen:


increase in avg. transaction value


lower payroll costs


higher sales per quarter


average shopping time


conversion rate