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Zippin Lane: The Fastest Path to Checkout-Free

Bonnie Milam Sep 14, 2022 5:05:00 AM
Accelerating the world’s adoption of checkout-free stores with the introduction of the Zippin Lane.

Today Zippin is taking another major step in our journey to accelerate the world’s adoption of checkout-free stores, with our introduction of the Zippin Lane, the fastest path to checkout-free shopping. It’s a turnkey checkout-free solution designed to maximize speed and efficiency.


A Faster time to Market

We’ve taken the guesswork out of designing and building a checkout-free store for a faster ROI%. Once a site is ready, a Zippin Lane can be simply deployed in just one week so high traffic locations like sports arenas, airports, train stations, and busy college campuses can get new checkout-free stores up and running quickly and easily. Sports venues can even deploy new Zippin Lanes between home games, rather than waiting until next season.

Delight Shoppers

Zippin Lanes appeal to today’s consumers and what they value, their time. Shoppers simply enter one end of the Lane with a credit card or mobile app, select their items, and exit at the other end. No waiting and no hassles. Most shopping trips take 40 seconds or less, including the time it takes to browse. Time-crunched travelers can catch their flight and grab a snack, students can eat and be on time for class, and fans can enjoy refreshments and be back in their seats to catch all the action. The speed and ease of shopping have yielded impressive results. 

Maximize Sales

Zippin Lanes have produced revenue increases as high as 56% when compared with traditional concession locations. By removing traditional checkout lines and avoiding the frustrations caused by self-checkout, Zippin Lane empowers retailers to carry a wider variety of SKUs to encourage larger baskets without slowing down the shopping experience. Retailers have seen increases in speed of service up to 66% versus traditional stores, even when carrying 30% more SKUs. 

Optimize Real Estate

It’s not always easy to carve out a footprint for a new store, even when there’s an opportunity to expand. That’s why Zippin Lane is designed to fit perfectly into long and narrow areas such as airport or venue concourses, building corridors, or campus hallways. Starting at just 240 square feet, Zippin Lanes can easily transform empty or underutilized space into highly profitable new stores. With minimal staffing requirements and low operating costs, Zippin Lanes can run efficiently for long hours even in today’s tight labor market where employees are difficult to hire. 

Ready for Kick-off

While Zippin Lanes are an ideal solution for many markets, we’ve already seen success from the 20+ installations at sports and entertainment venues. Just in time for the 2022 NFL season, we’ve announced, through our partnership with Levy, some great results achieved by one of our Zippin Lanes at Allegiant Field. With installations across 20% of NFL stadiums, we’re helping more fans enjoy every second of the action instead of waiting in line. 

Zippin Lane is just one of the ways we are changing the landscape of checkout-free technology. We remain committed to making checkout-free a reality everywhere so everyone can benefit from frictionless shopping. At Zippin, we’re helping to pave the path toward a frictionless economy, where artificial intelligence (AI) will make it possible to use technology more naturally to make our lives better.  

Please visit our site for more information on how Zippin Lanes can help you. 

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