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Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks - Checkout-Free!

Bonnie Milam May 2, 2023 6:00:00 AM


This year’s MLB season is off to a fast start in fact, thanks to the new pitch clock, almost 30 minutes faster per game. With less downtime between at-bats, fans have less time to grab concessions without missing the action. But no need to worry! New technologies like checkout-free concessions are rolling out across MLB stadiums, making the gameday experience even better. With checkout-free, fans can get snacks and drinks quickly and easily, so they can enjoy what really matters: the game.

Faster concessions are helping teams and venue operators alike. While some teams are extending beer sales into the eighth inning to make up for lost time, this approach isn’t without controversy. If more fans drink later into the game, that’s less time before they hit the road, raising potential safety concerns about an increase in drunk driving incidents. Checkout-free helps teams keep sales growing without fans incurring additional risks.

With faster games, game attendance is up 5% from last season. Longer lines and shorter games sound like a recipe for disaster. With traditional concessions, this could lead to fans missing the best plays of the game due to being stuck in long lines. But as the Sports Business Journal recently explained, “bigger crowds and shorter games mean a chance for fan-facing technology to shine.” Stadiums that have deployed checkout-free are seeing consistent per-caps and improved consumption patterns versus prior years. Fans aren’t being forced to choose between buying their peanuts and Cracker Jacks and staying in their seat so they don’t miss the next play. They can tap into a checkout-free store, grab what they want, and head back to their seat with no lines, no scanning, and no stopping at a kiosk. 

Zippin remains the leader in checkout-free technology in professional sports. So far this baseball season, Zippin has deployed multiple new checkout-free stores in five additional MLB stadiums, more than any other provider. Fans love the experience and venues often see revenues double or triple that of traditional stands. For more information on how Zippin helps operators achieve these amazing results, read our case studies

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