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The Home Run of Fan Experience: Zippin is #1 in Stadiums

Bonnie Milam Nov 21, 2023 8:45:51 AM

The Home Run of Fan Convenience: Zippin's Checkout-Free is #1 in Stadiums

As the anticipation for the upcoming baseball season builds, the stadium experience is undergoing a quiet revolution that promises to transform the way fans enjoy the game. The shift towards checkout-free concession stands is gaining momentum, with Zippin emerging as the undisputed leader in this game-changing technology. As of September 2023, Zippin raced ahead with an impressive 71 checkout-free stores in stadiums across the United States, more than all other competitors combined. (And, we’ve opened new checkout-free stores since then.)

Checkout-free technology simplifies the food and beverage experience, allowing fans to breeze through concessions without the hassle of waiting in lines or fumbling with traditional payment methods. Fans can enter the stores by scanning a credit card, and after grabbing their desired items, they can simply exit the store. Payment occurs seamlessly after leaving the store, enhancing the overall speed and convenience of the process. There's no kiosk, no checkout, just a straight line drive back to their seats to enjoy the game.

The appeal of checkout-free stands is evident in the growing number of deployments in sports and entertainment, with almost 100 new stores launching in the past year alone. The convenience and efficiency offered by Zippin's technology have made these stores an instant hit with fans. This trend is not just a passing fad; it's becoming a necessity for sports venues. Not only does it elevate the gameday experience, these stores are driving real benefits to operators, including much higher revenues. 

Baseball, America’s National Pastime with an emphasis on tradition, might seem an unlikely candidate for a technological revolution. However, the need for a faster, more enjoyable concession experience is undeniable, especially as games are getting faster. Zippin's checkout-free technology is the perfect match for the upcoming baseball season, offering fans the convenience they crave without disrupting the timeless charm of the game.

What sets Zippin apart is not just its impressive numbers but its commitment to innovation. Zippin Walk-Up is a new concept transforms traditional concession stands into fully functional checkout-free stores in just days. And Zippin Lane can easily turn any unused space into a checkout-free store to serve more guests. Zippin is also partnering with others to deliver new shopping experiences like checkout-free draft beer and integrated digital identity verification. This puts Zippin at the forefront of shaping the future of stadium concessions.

As Zippin continues to lead the checkout-free landscape for sports and entertainment, it's clear that this technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity for stadiums looking to stay ahead in the game. Fans want an experience that matches the excitement on the field, and Zippin is delivering just that – a home run for fan convenience and a winning play for stadiums embracing the future. The countdown to a seamless, checkout-free baseball season has begun. 

Let’s talk checkout-free for baseball today. 

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