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Now Boarding: A New Zippin-Powered Airport Store

Alice Chan Oct 4, 2022 1:03:00 PM
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport’s first checkout-free store, powered by Zippin, opened in July.

Zippin is laser-focused on eliminating friction for shoppers and there’s no better place to see that in action than an airport so we’re excited to share details about Dallas Fort Worth International Airport’s first checkout-free store, powered by Zippin, which opened in July. 

This is Zippin’s third airport store, with locations at Tom Jobim International Airport (“Galeão”), in Rio de Janeiro and New York’s JFK International Airport. In Dallas, we worked with Puente Enterprises Inc. to make the 1,400 square-foot store—the largest in Terminal C—a reality. It offers more than 900 products: from grab and go snacks to bluetooth headphones, catering to a variety of travelers’ needs and wants.

Checkout-free at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Since opening, the store has served tens of thousands of customers traveling through the second largest airport in the country. With more than 62.5 million travelers moving through DFW in 2021 alone, the need to offer frictionless experiences is high. The benefits of checkout-free shopping are win-win for consumers and retailers alike. Speed of service means that more travelers are able to make purchases and revenue increases for retailers. 

Zippin’s new store further enhances DFW’s commitment to innovation.  Alongside the airport’s mobile app for travelers and biometric scanning at security checkpoints, Zippin’s checkout-free store at gate C35 stands ready to greet crowds. Our multi-model technology combines sensors and cameras to provide a fast and easy shopping experience for the on-the-go traveler. Shoppers simply tap their credit card at one of the four turnstiles to zip in, select their items and exit the store to make a connecting flight or head home. 

Why Frictionless Matters Around the World

“Airports are melting pots of people, cultures, and social norms with one common challenge: getting to their destination on time. Making the process as natural as possible can level the playing field for a myriad of cultures that shop differently. Simply checking in with a payment method, taking products and walking out is a universally accessible model of shopping,” said Krishna Motukuri, CEO and co-founder of Zippin. “Eliminating the checkout all together helps retailers remove the friction and ease the stress of traveling to better serve the millions of people moving through airports while increasing their margins at the same time.”

As checkout-free is adopted by more and more retailers, the immediate benefit is seen best in quick serve locations where the tradeoffs are immediate. As Krishna recently put it in his Forbes column:

“Customers are certainly going to be less willing to sacrifice their time and convenience in areas such as grocery shopping or eating out once they get a taste of how easy life can be. If getting through an airport—a notoriously crowded and stressful experience—can be made relatively pain-free (or at least much more enjoyable), it only seems logical that everything else could be easier as well.”

Deciding between making a flight and making a purchase is no longer needed with frictionless ways to shop that have you in and out in seconds, not minutes. Reach out to our team to hear more.

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