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Zippin Checkout-free Takes Off at Dublin and Oslo Airports

Bonnie Milam Nov 15, 2023 11:50:02 AM
Zippin-powered SSP store at Dublin Airport

Zippin is bringing its industry-leading checkout-free technology to two major European airports – Dublin Airport and Oslo Airport. Following the success of Zippin-powered stores at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Rio de Janeiro's Tom Jobim International Airport, and New York's JFK International Airport, the frictionless shopping experience is now set to redefine convenience for travelers in Europe.

The last stop on Zippin's journey to expand checkout-free shopping at airports was Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The 1,400 square-foot store, in collaboration with Puente Enterprises Inc., quickly became the largest in Terminal C, offering over 1,000 products to serve diverse traveler needs from travel-sized personal care items and snacks to Texas souvenirs. The store saw 47% increase in average transaction and over a 90% customer conversion rate. The success at DFW, serving tens of thousands of customers in a high-traffic environment, underscores the demand for frictionless shopping experiences in airports.


Krishna Motukuri, CEO and co-founder of Zippin, emphasized the universal appeal of checkout-free shopping, stating, "Eliminating the checkout altogether helps retailers remove the friction and ease the stress of traveling to better serve the millions of people moving through airports while increasing their margins at the same time."

Following the success at JFK International Airport, SSP Group introduced Zippin's technology at Oslo Airport and Dublin Airport, opening two frictionless, checkout-free stores. Customers at both locations can now seamlessly choose and pay for their items without the hassle of traditional checkouts, providing a swift and hassle-free retail experience that shoppers love.


Mark Smith, SSP’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer, highlighted the transformative nature of this shopping experience, stating, "We’re certain customers will find that this new way of shopping makes a real difference to their journey." Zippin's checkout-free platform with AI-powered overhead cameras and sensors integrates with Planet's payment processing technology to bring the frictionless shopping experience to life for shoppers. 

Beyond the benefits of speed and convenience to shoppers, checkout-free technology offers long-term advantages to airport retailers. The floorspace traditionally used for check-out areas can be repurposed, offering airport retailers the opportunity to provide a wider range of products. This shift aligns with the ever-evolving expectations of travelers, who seek not only convenience but also an enhanced shopping experience.


Vincent Harrison, Chief Commercial and Development Officer at Dublin Airport, expressed excitement about being the home of the first concept store of its kind in Ireland. Harrison said, "The opening of a checkout-free store in the airport is something completely new and different for passengers and we think they are going to love it. Dublin Airport is excited to be the home of the first concept store of this kind to be opened in Ireland” Harrison added, “We can't wait for passengers to try out the new store for themselves."

Airports are hubs of diversity, with people from various cultures facing a common challenge – getting to their destination on time. Travelers often have to choose between making a purchase and catching their flight. Zippin's technology addresses this challenge by offering a universally accessible shopping model with no lines and no waiting. The convenience of entering the store with a payment method, selecting products, and simply exiting the store is a game-changer for travelers worldwide. 

Because AI-powered sensors determine what shoppers pick up or put back, checkout-free offers an additional level of convenience for travelers. There’s no need for shoppers to hold purchases in their already-full hands just to place them on a counter or kiosk to check out. Travelers aren’t limited to what they can carry in their hands or what can fit on a self-checkout kiosk. They can put purchases in luggage as they shop or slip on a hoodie before leaving the store, and they’re accurately billed for what they take as they exit. This not only helps shoppers but leads to higher average purchases for the retailers. 

With Zippin's checkout-free stores rapidly expanding across the globe, the future of airport retail is undoubtedly frictionless, convenient, and tailored to meet the diverse needs of travelers worldwide.

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