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Zippin Walk-Up: The Simplest Way to Deploy Checkout-Free With No CapEx

Bonnie Milam Jan 18, 2023 7:40:32 AM
Zippin Walk-Up: the most accessible way to deploy checkout-free

Zippin’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of checkout-free technology which means we continually innovate around solutions and business models that make it easier for retailers to eliminate lines, delight customers, and boost revenues. Today, we’re excited to share that we are launching Zippin Walk-Up. It's the most accessible way to deploy checkout-free and will remove friction from traditional ‘walk-up’ concessions using your existing appliances, kitchen, and counter space, reducing CapEx to virtually zero.

Importantly, minimal construction is required, and existing stands can be converted in just days. And the best news is that the all-inclusive monthly subscription starts at under $4,000 with no upfront CapEx.  

Revitalizing Current Concessions

Retailers are facing operational challenges just as their customers are seeking more frictionless experiences. Recent research commissioned by Zippin uncovered a post-pandemic headwind of $555 billion for retailers caused by shoppers abandoning lines. Over half of the shoppers surveyed said they had left a store in the last 12 months without making a purchase because the line was too long. The study also revealed which products shoppers are least likely to stand in line for:

  • 31% are least likely to wait for drinks and snacks at places like movie theaters, theme parks, ski resorts, casinos, and hotels
  • 27% are least likely to wait for refreshments at a sporting event
  • 26% are least likely to wait for food/drink at a quick service restaurants

Zippin’s AI-powered checkout-free technology converts traditional food and beverage stands into cutting-edge, engaging shopping experiences that eliminate the checkout line and allow for stands to operate with lower labor requirements. An astounding 92 percent of retailers shared in our recent research that wait times during busy periods have had a negative impact on their company's revenues

Eliminate Barriers to Checkout-free

We’ve launched 83 stores to date and our customers are experiencing the significant business benefits that come with the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of checkout-free. These include revenue increases of up to 78 percent, per-caps increases of over 60 percent, and average check sizes going up by 15 percent. With Zippin Walk-Up, all these benefits can be achieved with a lower upfront investment, faster deployment, and no CapEx requirements. Our goal is to enable forward-thinking businesses to invest in the technology that’s best for their customers and begin seeing results immediately. 

The speed that Zippin Walk-Up offers retailers opens up new verticals wanting to deploy frictionless shopping in more spaces: truck stops, food courts, campus dining, stadiums, and more, can go fully frictionless with Zippin Walk-Up. 

Generates Ongoing Business Benefits 

Converting to checkout-free doesn’t just yield a one-time bump in performance. Zippin customers from Allegiant Stadium to Gainbridge Fieldhouse are eager to share the ongoing lifts in revenue and operational efficiencies. Customer adoption increases over time, allowing operators to achieve improvements that only multiply over time.  

Zippin Walk-Up also optimizes the use of limited labor resources so employees can focus on stocking versus running a POS. Employees become ambassadors and work to increase shopper loyalty with the best customer service. 

More Checkout-free, More Places

Zippin Walk-Up is another example of making fast, frictionless shopping a reality, no matter where you need it. Not too long ago, retailers were hesitant about going frictionless, concerned about shopper adoption and implementation costs. But with Zippin’s approach to innovation, we’ve proven that our checkout-free platform is accessible to any retailer, and with more than 1.3 million shoppers to date, adoption rates are rising fast. 

We believe Zippin Walk-Up is an important part of our product line-up, making life easier for people everywhere: from stadiums and arenas to airports and universities. Please visit our site for more information on how Zippin Walk-Up can help delight your customers, fast!

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