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AI is just a teammate that (accurately) takes care of the boring stuff

Bonnie Milam May 23, 2023 7:00:00 AM
AI and humans together

Technology has often been feared as something that would eliminate human jobs. So it's understandable that some people worry the same is true with AI. AI can actually make jobs more interesting, which could help with hiring and retention. With retailers facing historic labor shortages and high turnover rates, creating better jobs for employees may just be the key to becoming fully staffed.  

When it comes to working in retail, there are many daily operations that must be done every day.  For example, scanning barcodes, checking prices, and counting inventory can be repetitive tasks. Most people find this the least enjoyable part of the job. AI can help with these tasks, doing them quickly and accurately. This frees up time for associates to do more important work, like helping customers in more meaningful ways.

Instead of worrying about AI taking jobs away, think of it as a helpful teammate who takes care of the boring stuff so we can focus on the meaningful parts of our work. Remember that while AI can assist with many tasks, there are certain things only people can do. Jobs that require creativity, critical thinking, empathy, and human interaction will always be valuable. AI is a tool that can enhance our abilities and make our work lives more fulfilling.

Zippin’s checkout-free platform uses AI to eliminate the most repetitive task of all - checking out customers before leaving the store. The system uses AI-powered sensors and cameras to accurately track everything a shopper leaves with and bills them accordingly. There’s no kiosk, no standing in line, no app to download, and nothing to sign up for. 

The system doesn’t eliminate employees, it elevates their jobs. Instead of being behind a cash register or monitoring self-checkout kiosks, employees greet shoppers as they enter and become brand ambassadors. This leads to more meaningful and engaging connections between shoppers and employees, which improves overall satisfaction for everyone.

Let’s not forget that AI is also more accurate at repetitive tasks than humans. With Zippin, retailers get more accurate sales data and a view of on-hand inventory without counting. Faster shopping, more accurate insights, and better store jobs - people and technology can work together to accomplish great things!

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