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How Checkout-Free Technology is Building a Better Normal for the Future of Retail

Motilal Agrawal Dec 1, 2020 7:00:00 AM
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We recently participated in a panel discussion with leaders from Aramark and from the Denver Broncos stadium, Empower Field at Mile High, to talk about how Zippin checkout-free technology is helping to reduce checkout lines and improve product selection for game-day beverage sales for fans. One of the key insights that has emerged from Zippin’s work with the Broncos and Aramark is that the future of checkout-free shopping technology is here. Even before the pandemic, the Broncos were thinking ahead and working to create a better customer experience for their fans.

It’s no secret that the events of 2020 have accelerated the rise of frictionless shopping. But pandemic, or no pandemic, we see Zippin’s checkout-free technology as part of creating a “Better Normal” for shoppers and retailers. Here's how checkout-free technology is shaping the future of retail:

Reimagining the Checkout Experience 

Why should anyone have to stand in line at a retail checkout aisle ever again? Checkout-free, cashierless technologies can help stores reduce congestion points, free-up store staff for higher-value tasks, and give customers a better experience with easy, fast, in-and-out shopping.

One trend we’ve noticed at the Broncos stadium is that customers have been taking photos and videos of themselves at the Drink MKT: Powered by Zippin beverage store, and sharing them on social media. They are excited by the checkout-free technology and the in-person experience of shopping in this unique new way that also keeps them, as well as stadium staff, safer.

A reimagined checkout experience can better serve your customers while reducing costs and better-managing resources for the retailer.

Embracing Multichannel Sales 

Checkout-free retail technology is not just about eliminating checkout lines; it can also help retailers adapt to a multichannel sales strategy, with better data and inventory tracking to help sell products online, via in-store pickers, or curbside pickup and delivery. Anywhere and any way that your customers want to buy products from you, your retail store needs to meet them there. Zippin’s technology gives retailers detailed visibility into which products are in-demand, where inventory is located, when it’s time to restock shelves, and much more.

Getting To Know Your Customers Better 

Checkout-free technology can help retailers learn more about their customers and deepen their customer relationships with more precise behavior insights such as which products are getting overlooked or returned to shelves, and which areas of the store customers are lingering around, and more.

Gaining eCommerce-style Insights 

Zippin’s digital inventory tracking and analytics can help you understand and manage your inventory better with eCommerce-style insights. For example, one thing we learned from working with the Denver Broncos is that there were certain brands of beer and beverages that were customer favorites at the stadium beverage store. Zippin’s technology made it easier to anticipate demand and restock the shelves during off-peak times.

Checkout-free Technology is Getting Smarter 

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), big improvements in sensor technology, affordable cameras, and other solutions, have made it more possible for Zippin to create a highly precise and effective frictionless shopping platform that can be deployed at a lower cost than ever before. As checkout-free shopping technology becomes more robust, it becomes even easier for retailers to deploy these systems to manage a wider variety of products and in-store settings.

Checkout-free technology and frictionless shopping have become “must-haves” for today’s forward-thinking retailers. By transforming the checkout experience, enabling multichannel sales, deepening the customer relationship, and by driving growth with eCommerce-style insights, Zippin is helping retailers like Aramark be at the forefront of the checkout-free retail revolution and create a Better Normal.

If you're ready to learn more about Zippin's platform—and how it can help your business—download our updated white paper.

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