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Artificial Intelligence for Physical Retail: Live Webinar

Alice Chan Jan 14, 2021 3:15:43 PM

The pandemic has up-ended the retail industry, driving massive, permanent changes in frictionless shopping and rapid adoption of new retail technologies. Artificial Intelligence technology is perhaps one of the biggest untapped areas of innovation which has wide repercussions for physical retail but is still just about beginning to see wider adoption.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform the traditional retail experience, by helping shoppers navigate stores, helping retailers manage their inventory, and delivering real-time e-commerce-style insights from in-store shopping.

Join our live webinar hosted by Moti Agrawal, Zippin’s co-founder and Chief Scientist on Wednesday, January 27 at 11.00am PT. He’ll share some of the top AI retail technology applications and trends, and show how leading retailers are using AI to drive digital transformation throughout their physical retail operations.

What you will learn from our live webinar:

  • Basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for physical retail - techniques, systems and their applications.
    Why digital transformation is crucial for offline retail, as well as online.
  • How AI is already transforming the in-person store experience.
  • How retailers can adopt AI technology to existing stores.
  • How AI can be used for better omni-channel retail.
  • How AI for physical retail improves inventory management, customer engagement, store analytics, and more. Future trends for AI for physical retail.
Ready to learn more about AI for physical retail, what it means for your business, and why 2021 is the right time to deploy? Sign up to join us on Wednesday January 27 at 11:00am PT.
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