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Live Webinar - Why Contactless Concessions Are the Way Forward For Sports Venues

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Artificial Intelligence for Physical Retail: Live Webinar

The pandemic has up-ended the retail industry, driving massive, permanent changes in frictionless shopping and rapid adoption of new retail technologies. Artificial Intelligence..

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Retail Technology Trends for 2021

2020 saw a year of accelerated adoption of checkout-free technology and frictionless shopping, and this year shows no signs of slowing down. Retailers are evolving their..

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3 Trends That are Bringing a Multi-Channel Future to Grocery Retail

The pandemic is transforming the concept of grocery stores as we know them. Especially with the spotlight on health concerns and avoiding crowds, grocery shopping is becoming a..

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Zippin Lane is our answer to the surging demand to quickly deploy frictionless retail experiences.

Zippin Introduces Zippin Lane, a New Concept Enabling Concessionaires and Retailers to Get a Checkout-free Store Up and Running Within a Week

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