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Goodbye Checkout. Zippin Store Opens to the Public in San Francisco

Alice Chan Jun 10, 2019 6:53:28 AM

Late last summer, Zippin was the first checkout-free technology company to open a demo concept store in downtown San Francisco. Since then, we have been busy perfecting the technology, and remodeling our space to offer the best-possible shopping experience to our neighbors in the up-and-coming East Cut ‘hood. The Zippin store officially opens to the public on Monday, June 10th.

Interest and Investment in Checkout-free Retail Continues to Swell

The automated retail wave has not slowed at all since Zippin’s debut last August. In fact, retailers and tech providers alike seem to be racing faster than ever to crack one of the biggest points of friction at retail—the checkout experience —since Amazon Go debuted and announced plans for 3,000+ stores by 2021.

As stated in a recent Business Insider Intelligence Report, “Although there are only a handful of autonomous checkout stores today, the technology has seismic repercussions for in-store retail. These stores, which allow consumers to walk in, grab what they want, and exit without physically checking out, are setting a new standard for convenience in the in-store shopping experience.”

In fact, Juniper Research (per San Francisco Business Times) estimates the fast-growing smart store technology market will generate more than $78 billion in annual transaction revenue by 2022, up from an expected $9.2 billion this year.

Our store facelift is just one of a number of exciting developments for Zippin this year. As a technology provider helping large retailers quickly and efficiently deploy frictionless shopping experiences, that can easily handle busy shopping environments and a variety of retail formats, we continue to experience a deluge of interest from around the world.

We are actively working with pilot customers who will be debuting stores powered by Zippin’s checkout-free technology over the coming months. Stay tuned for more details.

Come Shop For Yourself

If you’re interested in experiencing frictionless shopping for yourself and seeing the Zippin platform in action, come visit our newly remodeled store in the city’s exciting “East Cut” neighborhood, near the Salesforce Transit Center.

We officially reopen the San Francisco store on Monday, June 10th, serving a range of packaged fresh food items, healthy snacks and cold drinks.

Here at Zippin, we are thrilled about the interest and growth in this exciting space, and eager to show-off our technology in a real-world setting. Business inquiries should be directed here.

Located at 215 Fremont, Ste. 1—directly across from the entrance to Town Hall Restaurant on Howard St—the store will operate Monday through Friday, from 8am to 2pm.

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