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Updates To the Zippin App Will Make Your Mouth Water

Alice Chan Jul 11, 2019 9:15:00 AM

We’re in the midst of a typically foggy San Francisco summer, and with the Zippin store being the only checkout-free game in town—aside from Amazon Go—we’ve been honing our app features based on feedback from shoppers at our newly revamped store on Fremont Street.

In case you haven’t had a chance to check us out yet, shopping at the Zippin store is easy. Just download the app for iOS or Android, enter your credit card information, and that’s it. When you arrive at the store, simply swipe your app at the entrance, grab what you need, and go.

One of the major benefits of Zippin’s technology platform, is that keeping tabs on inventory and knowing what’s on the shelves at all times, couldn’t be easier. And we’re passing that benefit on to our customers with a handy in-app list of everything we have available in the store. That means you can see what appeals to your taste buds and make sure we have it in stock, before you leave your desk. We know there’s nothing more disappointing to have your heart set on something particular, only to find it’s sold out.

Due to customer demand, we’re stocking a wider range of lunch items, like fresh salads and wraps, along with a dizzying array of snacks to satisfy all types of cravings from salty popcorn to healthy coconut chips, and candy for those of you with a sweet-tooth. You can wash it all down with a wide range of chilled drinks: we have you covered with everything from Synergy Kombucha to Monster Energy and iced tea. And there are plenty of options if you’re vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free too.

We hope to see you in the Zippin store soon!

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