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Motilal Agrawal

Earth and AI

Time, Energy and the Planet

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Ambient Intelligence is Powering the Frictionless Economy

Ambient intelligence–the combination of ambient computing and AI–makes our lives easier by embedding sensing and computing power around us. The embedding is such that the..

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The AI Technologies Powering Checkout-free Retail Part 3 - Computer Vision

Previously, I described how deep learning and sensor fusion are important AI technologies enabling checkout-free retail. In this final blog post in the series, I will discuss the..

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The AI Technologies Powering Checkout-free Retail Part 2 - Sensor Fusion

In my last post, I described deep learning as the heart of all modern AI advances. In part two I will discuss the second core AI technology, sensor fusion, and its important role..

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The AI Technologies Powering Checkout-free Retail - Part 1

In my role as Chief Scientist at Zippin, I get asked a lot about the myriad of cameras and sensors in checkout-free stores. If you’re amazed at the design and amount of..

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How Edge and Cloud Computing are Spearheading the Retail Digital Transformations


I’ve been wanting to do a more detailed blog post comparing edge and cloud computing, and how Zippin technology is taking advantage of advances in both, and edge computing..

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Beyond Cashierless: How AI is Changing the Retail Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the physical retail environment and bringing new possibilities to the in-store customer experience. In the e-commerce realm, we are..

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Zippin's Retail Technology Guide 101

The world of retail is undergoing a significant technology transformation, and there’s a lot of terminology cropping up alongside the latest retail technology trends.

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How Checkout-Free Technology is Building a Better Normal for the Future of Retail

We recently participated in a panel discussion with leaders from Aramark and from the Denver Broncos stadium, Empower Field at Mile High, to talk about how Zippin checkout-free..

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The State of Retail: It’s Time for Change

According to Harvard Business School, U.S. consumers waste an average of 118 hours per year waiting in line, with a large chunk of those hours spent standing in queues at stores...

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