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Tonight's Historic NBA Draft Will Be Frictionless!

JD Ey Jun 22, 2023 9:30:00 AM

Tonight, one of the most highly anticipated NBA Drafts will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. This of course is due to the excitement around the 7’4” French prospect and undisputed #1 pick, Victor Wembanyama. If you’re attending this event, you’ll be witnessing an important moment in NBA history.

The Barclays Center, which has held the NBA Draft for more than a decade, is home to five checkout-free stores, powered by Zippin. These stores have helped thousands of fans spend more time in their seats and less time waiting in line. Zippin represents the future of retail, just as Wembanyama embodies the future of basketball.

Zippin's checkout-free stores at Barclays Center have eliminated the hassle of traditional checkout processes, delighting shoppers with a new level of convenience and efficiency at the iconic arena in Brooklyn. Zippin has revolutionized the retail experience. Customers can confidently enter a store, pick up their desired items, and effortlessly zip out, bidding farewell to long lines and checkout hassles.

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Meanwhile, Wembanyama is set to redefine the future of basketball as a forward with colossal height and the ball handling and shooting skills of an elite guard. There hasn’t been this much hype about an NBA prospect since Lebron James, who was drafted twenty years ago. His success has earned him the nicknames the chosen one and the king. It's not clear which nickname will stick for Wembanyama during his time in the NBA. But as if passing the torch, Lebron dubbed him the alien based on his "out of this world" skills. Just as Zippin symbolizes the seamless future of retail, Wembanyama embodies the dynamic shift in basketball, showcasing the evolution of the sport.

The convergence of Zippin and Wembanyama's paths becomes even more intriguing when considering that the AT&T Center, where Wembanyama will be launching his NBA career for the San Antonio Spurs, already has a Zippin-powered store.

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With Zippin's checkout-free technology already in place at the AT&T Center, fans attending Spurs games can look forward to enjoying the convenience of frictionless shopping. Imagine grabbing your favorite merchandise or snacks without missing a single Wembanyama highlight. Or, think about the disappointment possible if long checkout lines caused you to miss Wembanyama doing something incredible.  This is the power of Zippin: seamlessly helping fans get what they want without missing out on the excitement of the game.

 Zippin and Wembanyama symbolize an exciting future where checkout-free retail and sports reach new heights of innovation and entertainment. If you’re lucky enough to be at the draft tonight, be sure to visit a Zippin-powered store at sections #121, #127, #206, or #226. American Express cardholders can also shop at the Zippin-powered American Express Shop at the venue.


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