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Zippin and Fujitsu Extend Partnership to Accelerate Adoption of Checkout-free Shopping in UK & Europe

Krishna Motukuri Nov 2, 2022 3:15:00 AM

Today we are announcing the expansion of our partnership with Fujitsu - a relationship that originally began in Japan in 2020. Together we will work to accelerate the adoption of checkout-free shopping in key regions including the U.K., Germany, Sweden, Australia, and France.  

According to McKinsey’s 2022 Digital Quotient Survey, retail growth is projected to rely heavily on technology investment. The study found that retailers considered digital leaders generated 3.3 times the return for their shareholders than those lagging on adopting digital technologies. Partnering with Zippin, Fujitsu is poised to deliver the delightful customer experience that shoppers are demanding in an increasingly fickle region for retail tech. 

Checkout-free delivers easy shopping and fast transactions, giving retail an edge in both shopper experience and operational efficiency,” said Martin Cave Hawkes, Global Retail Group Business Development at Fujitsu. “This partnership puts that advantage front and center for our customer base. Zippin-powered frictionless retail solutions deliver on our commitment to innovate and advance the retail industry, driving digital transformation and the market, globally.”

Zippin has delivered frictionless shopping experiences all over the world, with proven, flexible, quick-to-deploy AI technology that has increased sales as much as 50 percent. The company has established the largest checkout-free footprint in sports and entertainment venues in the U.S. with Zippin-powered stores in 30% of professional sports arenas.  Our successful deployments are in a variety of formats from transportation hubs to convenience stores. 

We know Zippin’s network of partners is key to ensuring frictionless shopping becomes the norm worldwide. Consumer expectations for frictionless experiences are fast shaping retail, and we’ve saved shoppers over 167,000 hours by eliminating the checkout line. Delivering this type of experience results in higher ROI for retailers in addition to the benefits for those working in-store.

Checkout-free shopping can be deployed in a number of configurations, with Zippin’s platform delivering numerous benefits to retailers from increased speed of service to operational improvements. Knowing exactly what products were selected, put back, viewed, or even in the path of shoppers is invaluable data and previously only accessible to e-tailers. Zippin has now served over one million shoppers in our checkout-free stores and this expanded partnership will be part of Zippin serving 10 million consumers by fall 2023.

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