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Grand Opening of Zippin-Powered Tiger Express at Towson University

Bonnie Milam Nov 1, 2023 12:56:03 PM

Today Towson University officially unveiled Tiger Express, a new checkout-free store located in West Village Commons. This is more than just a convenience store; it's a glimpse into the future of retail. Powered by Zippin’s checkout-free platform, the store uses AI-powered cameras and sensors to accurately determine what people purchase. Students, faculty, staff, and guests can simply enter the store, take what they want, and leave. They are automatically charged after they exit the store. No more long checkout lines or self-scanning kiosks – it's that easy.

Tiger Express is the first checkout-free college store to combine Zippin's checkout-free technology with Atrium Campus card management solutions. This integration offers the unique advantage of accepting both credit card and OneCard campus card payments without a mobile app. This makes the store more accessible to everyone, with one less mobile app to download and manage. 

“What makes our approach unique is our ability to give students complete choice in how they pay,” said Krishna Motukuri, CEO and co-founder of Zippin. “Through our partnership with Atrium Campus, Towson University students, faculty and staff can shop with their campus cards - something they use almost everywhere else on campus - and even choose between Doc Dollars and Dining Dollars. It’s a better checkout-free experience, which helps Towson University stand out as a technology leader in higher education.”

The results speak for themselves, with 80% of Tiger Express sales coming from OneCards. This high adoption rate underlines the value of accepting campus cards at checkout-free stores. Support for campus cards is made possible through the Zippin Gateway, an API framework that makes it easy for retailers to connect new capabilities to the Zippin checkout-free platform. 

Tiger Express isn't entirely new; it's an evolution of a store that has been serving students for several years. Previously open for only 28 hours a week, it is now open 24/7 around the clock, providing students with improved access to essential items. With a seamless shopping experience, payment flexibility, and extended hours, Tiger Express is a testament to Towson University's commitment to providing its students with the best technology available. It not only simplifies the shopping experience but also positions the university as a technology leader in higher education.

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