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Raising the Bar: Empower Field at Mile High Secures Top Spot in Zippin’s Highest Sales per Event Award

Bonnie Milam Jan 26, 2024 7:30:00 AM
Drink Mkt 103

Empower Field at Mile High celebrates a refreshing triumph as their Drink Mkt 103 claims the title for the 2023 Zippin Award Highest Sales per Event. Looking across all events in sports and entertainment in 2023, this store had higher per-event revenues than any other Zippin-powered store. 


Drink Mkt 103 is one of nine at the venue and has seen impressive sales since opening in 2019. This year, in partnership with Zippin, IDmission, and Aramark, the store further revolutionized the fan experience by integrating Digital ID Verification and eliminating manual ID checks for alcoholic purchases. In a world where efficiency and convenience reign supreme, combining checkout-free technology and digital identification proved to be a game-changer. Fans can zip through Drink Mkt 103 even faster than before, as evidenced by the store's performance this year. The integration is now rolled out across all Zippin-powered stores at Empower Field. 

In a Sports Business Journal article, the resident district manager of Empower Field at Mile High said of the market, ”You can see the amazement of how easy it was when they exit. I’ve seen fans run across the concourse and grab their friends or family and bring them back and make them go through the experience with them.”

Drink Mkt 103 also benefits from being in a great location within the stadium and serving a wide variety of items. Because of how quickly fans can shop, the store was able to significantly increase its SKU count. This helps contribute to high per-event sales, as the variety encourages bigger baskets and appeals to more fans. 

Learn more about the Zippin Awards here.

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