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Allegiant Stadium Scores Big: Wins Zippin Award for Highest Sales per Venue

Bonnie Milam Feb 1, 2024 7:00:00 AM

Allegiant Stadium, set to host Super Bowl LVIII, claimed the prestigious 2023 Zippin Award for Highest Sales per Venue in the Sports and Entertainment Category. With a lineup of 10 checkout-free stores, Allegiant Stadium and Zippin made history earlier in the year becoming the venue with the most checkout-free stores anywhere.

The success of Allegiant Stadium's checkout-free stores comes from strategically placed Zippin Lanes. Not only do they enhance the gameday experience, but also attract sponsors, which offsets expenses and adds revenue-generating spots in previously unused spaces. This brilliant approach to checkout-free deployment stands out as a best practice for optimizing a venue's return on investment. 

Allegiant branded lane

With Zippin Lanes, Allegiant Stadium saw immediate results when compared to the previous season:

  • 86% growth in per-store revenue
  • 78% increase in per-capita spending
  • 4% expansion in basket-size

In a recent Stadium Tech Report article, the vice president of information technology for the Las Vegas Raiders explained the value they’re seeing with Zippin, “The Zippin stores are fantastic. They really speed up the transaction speed for many items. This also decreases the lines at the hot-food stands. It’s a win-win for guest experience."

Zippin's checkout-free technology will be on full display during Super Bowl LVIII next month. More than 65,000 fans from around the world will have the opportunity to experience Zippin’s checkout-free shopping firsthand. 

Learn more about the Zippin Awards here. 

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