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Announcing the 2023 Zippin Award Winners: Champions of Checkout-free Excellence

Bonnie Milam Jan 22, 2024 9:45:06 AM
Zippin Awards Winners 2023

As we reflect on 2023, we are tremendously proud of what Zippin has achieved. We are honored to serve retailers across a variety of industries, and delighted to see our footprint grow internationally and at home. Last year, Zippin entered the college campus market, where the checkout-free shopping experience appeals to today’s digital natives. The Zippin Walk-Up and Zippin Gateway were both introduced in 2023, expanding the reach of checkout-free shopping into hot foods and enabling first-of-its-kind experiences such as checkout-free draft and integrated digital ID. 

We created the Zippin Awards (aka ZIPPYs) to recognize our retailer partners who helped us reach these accomplishments in 2023 and who are achieving tremendous success with Zippin checkout-free technology, and standing out from their peers as leaders in innovation.

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we've all been waiting for—the grand reveal of the winners of the 2023 Zippin Awards. Drumroll, please! 

2023 Transportation Retail Highest Grossing Store:

🏆DFW International Airport & Puente Enterprises, Inc.

Nestled within the bustling DFW International Airport, Puente Enterprises’ Fort Worth Magazine Travel Store has soared to new heights, claiming the crown for the highest grossing store in the Transportation Retail category, with $2.8 million in sales last year. Serving travelers from around the globe in the nation's second-busiest airport, Fort Worth Magazine Travel Store is a beacon of success in the world of checkout-free shopping! The store also just earned the award for Best Performance in Newsstand/Convenience by DFW International Airport.

2023 Transportation Retail Largest Average Basket:

🏆DFW International Airport & Puente Enterprises, Inc.

Double victory for DW International Airport and Puente Enterprises’ Fort Worth Magazine Travel Store! Not only the highest grossing, but also boasts the largest average basket—a testament to their ability to cater to the diverse needs of airport shoppers with their wide SKU variety and fast shopping experiences. The store is located near Gate C35.

2023 College Campus Store Highest Grossing Store:

🏆 Towson University with Aramark & Atrium Campus

Roaring with success, Tiger Express at Towson University has emerged as the indisputable leader in the College Campus category for highest-grossing store in 2023. Through our partnership with Atrium Campus the store, which opened for the fall semester, accepts credit cards, Doc Dollars, and Dining Dollars to give students, faculty, and guests a choice in how they pay. A haven of convenience and top-notch offerings!

2023 College Campus Store Largest Average Basket:

🏆 Towson University with Aramark & Atrium Campus

Tiger Express continues its triumphant journey by clinching the title for the largest average basket in the College Campus Store category. The store now operates 24/7 and sells a variety of snacks, drinks, and essential items to give students access to whatever they need around the clock, checkout-free. Students at Towson University know where to find the best shopping experience!

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2023 Sports & Entertainment Highest Grossing Store: 

🏆Tropicana Field & Levy, Short Stop at the Budweiser Porch

A home run for The Short Stop at the Budweiser Porch, located at Tropicana Field! Claiming the top spot for the highest-grossing store in the Sports & Entertainment category, this venue has hit it out of the park with checkout-free expertise. This venue decided to go “all in” with Zippin and convert their most successful bar into a checkout-free experience, and the bet paid off with remarkable results. 

2023 Sports & Entertainment Largest Average Basket:

🏆NRG Stadium & Aramark, section 548 Texas Traditions 

A standout in the Sports & Entertainment arena, the Zippin Walk-Up-powered Texan Traditions at NRG Stadium (section 548) secures the title for the largest average basket. One of four Zippin-powered stores at NRG, this is the venue’s only Zippin Walk-Up, selling freshly prepared hot foods from what was previously a traditional ‘belly-up’ concession stand. They are elevating the game-day experience with unmatched convenience!

2023 Sports & Entertainment Highest Sales Per Event:

🏆 Empower Field at Mile High & Aramark, section 103 Drink MKT

Thirsty for success, Drink Mkt 103  (section 103) at Empower Field at Mile High takes the spotlight with the highest sales per event in the Sports & Entertainment category. This store was one of the nine Zippin-powered stores to launch integrated Digital ID Verification to eliminate the need for manual ID checks for alcoholic purchases. Refreshing fans and redefining event commerce!

2023 Sports & Entertainment Highest Sales Per Venue:

🏆 Allegiant Stadium & Levy

The crown jewel of venue sales, Allegiant Stadium stands tall with the highest sales per venue. They also made history with Zippin this year as the venue with the most checkout-free stores anywhere. A spectacular achievement, making every event an unforgettable shopping experience! Football fans will enjoy super-fast shopping at ten different Zippin Lanes during Super Bowl LVIII. 

2024 Zippin Awards Outlook:

As we applaud the outstanding achievements of this year's Zippin Award winners, we would like to recognize all the Zippin-powered stores that, while not crowned winners this year, achieved remarkable results in the checkout-free retail arena. Their dedication to innovation and enhancing the shopping experience have set the stage for future triumphs, making them strong contenders for next year’s ZIPPYs. 

Here's to those who may not have won this time but have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the journey toward retail greatness. We look forward to celebrating their triumphs in the future.

🌟🎉Congratulations to all our winners! 🌟🎉

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