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Great Food and Great Game-Day Tech at CityPark

Bonnie Milam Jul 21, 2023 9:06:05 AM
Fans shopping Zippin at CitiPark

Stadium Tech Report just published part one in a series of articles about CityPark, the new home of St. Louis City SC, a Major League Soccer expansion team. There’s a  fantastic food revolution happening there - the stadium not only offers delicious local food but also cares deeply about sustainability and technology. It's a dream come true for fans looking to savor every aspect of the game-day experience!

CityPark has taken the challenge of matching concessions with fan behaviors and turned it into an art form. They've partnered with 25 different local providers to bring a diverse range of mouthwatering options to hungry guests. From classic St. Louis favorites like “toasted ravs” to Italian and Greek delights, they've got it all.

Now let's talk tech. The stadium has embraced the digital age with open arms. CityPark partnered with Zippin to become the first MLS venue to launch checkout-free technology. Fans can shop these checkout-free stands or use the team app to order ahead to make the food and beverage experience smooth and hassle-free. No more waiting in long lines – fans can enjoy delicious food and get back to cheering on the team in no time. With no planned breaks, soccer is a game where every second counts. 

There are three Zippin-powered checkout-free stores at CityPark, where fans can shop seamlessly with no lines and return to the action without missing a beat. These stores account for 10% of all sales, and at least 33% of shoppers visit more than once during the game. CityPark also recently shared that transactions at these Zippin-powered stores are 125% higher than their average stadium transaction. 

Their sustainability efforts are equally impressive. CityPark has banished single-use plastics and implemented a comprehensive recycling and composting program. Kudos to them for caring about the environment while treating fans to the latest technology and a feast of flavors! 

CityPark's dedication to creating an unforgettable match-day experience is admirable. So, next time you're in St. Louis, make sure to head to CityPark for a feast that will leave you cheering for the team, the incredible food, and the game-day tech.

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