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Zippin' to Victory at Super Bowl LVIII

Bonnie Milam Feb 7, 2024 7:45:00 AM

It’s the first-ever checkout-free  Super Bowl!

What does that mean? This year’s Big Game on Sunday, February 11th is being held at Allegiant Stadium, which boasts 10 Zippin-powered checkout-free stores, more than any venue. This weekend, over 65,000 fans from around the world will be able to experience the convenience of checkout-free during the game. 

Allegiant Stadium overview

View of a Zippin Lane at Allegiant Stadium, courtesy of Stadium Tech Report, from their feature,
"Raiders’ checkout-free concession stands ready for Super Bowl visitors"

Zippin’s technology banishes the checkout so fans don’t have to wait in line or scan items to make purchases. Simply tap in, grab what you want, and zip out. Shopping averaged just 35 seconds at Allegiant Stadium last season. Compare that with a typical 10-minute wait for a traditional concession stand, and that’s a huge difference.

Super Bowl LVIII ticket prices are averaging $11,000 to $12,000. The typical Super Bowl runs three to four hours. Doing simple math, the average fan is spending $55 for each minute of their gameday experience. A 10-minute wait at a concession stand translates to $550 wasted NOT seeing the game. Zippin helps fans get back to their seats faster, which is a win-win for fans and venues alike.

3 X Checkout-free

Not only is the venue hosting Super Bowl LVIII checkout-free, both teams playing in the Super Bowl have checkout-free home stadiums, powered by Zippin! Arrowhead Stadium, home to defending champions Kansas City Chiefs, deployed one of the industry’s first Zippin Walk-Ups at the beginning of the season. 

Levi’s Stadium, home to NFC Champions the San Francisco 49ers, also deployed a Zippin Walk-Up earlier this season. The venue also recently added two Zippin Lanes, for a total of three checkout-free stores. 

Checkout-free NFC + Checkout-free AFC + Checkout-free venue
= 3x Checkout-Free

Is this a coincidence? Both teams with checkout-free home stadiums? Perhaps. Or, maybe giving fans more time in their seats to cheer helped catapult these teams to their success this season.  

Some studies suggest cheering and “crowd noise can impact NFL games in a real, physical way.” Fans have a better gameday experience because they don’t have to choose between watching the game and grabbing their favorite food and drink. And because fans can buy more items faster, venues see tremendous revenue growth with checkout-free. 

NFL stadiums around the league are expanding their footprint of Zippin-powered stores for the upcoming 2024/25 season. It makes sense to do so now, while the stadiums aren’t hosting a regular game schedule. But it’s never too late to consider Zippin. We are the only provider that can deploy new stores in just a few days (or weeks) depending on store design. 

With Zippin, NFL stadiums can expect higher food and beverage sales, happier fans, and more profitable stores. And who knows? If this season is any indication, having Zippin-powered stores might just be part of the magic that helps the home team “zip” all the way to the Big Game in 2025!

For more information on deploying Zippin at your NFL stadium, please reach out to our team at

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