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Celebrating MLB Opening Day with Zippin Checkout-Free

Bonnie Milam Mar 28, 2024 5:47:53 AM
Baseball Opening Day

At Zippin, we love sports! All the traditions, the feeling you get being part of the crowd, and all the can’t-miss moments that happen just once in a lifetime. We are excited to celebrate Opening Day of America’s pastime, Major League Baseball! There’s a certain magic in the air as we wait for that first crack of the bat and roar of the crowd. We're so excited, we wrote a little song to celebrate the occasion:


Take me out to the ballgame
We’re thrilled it’s Opening Day

Buy me some peanuts
And ice-cold beer
I’m so glad
There’s a Zippin store here

Let’s all shop, shop, shop
With no checkout
With Zippin
There’s none of that pain

You just tap, shop, 
And head back to your seat
To see more of the
Old ballgame! 


Today, MLB ballparks across the country will come alive. Fans will pack the stadiums, ready to cheer on their favorite teams and players. Mascots and organs will entertain the crowd between plays and players will wow fans with their talented play. After an off-season of waiting, fans will want to catch every second of the action. 

That’s why Zippin checkout-free technology is such an important part of live baseball. Much like a well-executed double play, Zippin combines tradition and innovation to deliver the highest level of convenience to fans. By leveraging traditional concession stands along with computer vision and AI, Zippin delivers a completely frictionless shopping experience without checkouts or self-checkout kiosks. Fans can get their favorite ballpark drinks and snacks without long lines, the hassle of self-scanning, or missing key plays of the game. Ballparks can serve more fans faster, which leads to higher food and beverage sales.  

So as MLB Opening Weekend unfolds along with the promise of another unforgettable season, it’s time to celebrate. Let’s celebrate the ballparks that serve their fans checkout-free with Zippin. And celebrate the teams whose fans get more time in their seats cheering them on. 

New Zippin-powered stores can be installed in just days, so it's not too late to add a checkout-free stand to your ballpark. Let's help all fans enjoy more baseball with more Zippin stores across the MLB. Batter up!

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