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Alice Chan Joins as SVP of Marketing

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Zippin: Taking Off At An Airport Near You Soon

Today I am really proud to share that Zippin is live in not one, but two, international airports: JFK’s Terminal 4 and Tom Jobim International Airport (“Galeão”), in Rio de..

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Zippin Raises $30M to Accelerate the Adoption of Checkout-Free Tech

The investment from OurCrowd, Maven Ventures, Evolv Ventures, and SAP will drive Zippin’s mission to accelerate the adoption of checkout-free technology. We are excited to share..

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With store #30 powered by Zippin about to launch soon, it's finally time to sunset our showcase store in San Francisco

Three years ago, in the summer of 2018, we had already finished developing and testing the initial version of the Zippin checkout-free platform. We were ready to take the..

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New York, New York: Zippin Makes the NBA Playoffs at Barclays Center with American Express

After the “bubble” NBA Playoffs  of 2020, this year’s Playoffs have given fans and players alike a reason to feel hopeful that life is starting to return to normal. One team in..

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Ready to Reopen: How Checkout-free Technology is Shaping the Future of Retail and Venue Operations

The economy is reopening and Americans are ready to shop, travel, attend live events, and get back to having everyday in-person experiences again. During the pandemic, retailers..

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Zippin And Koyo Open World’s First Checkout-Free Hotel Store in Yokohama, Japan

Since early in 2020, Zippin has been working with its partner, Fujitsu, in Japan to create checkout-free technology solutions for Japanese convenience stores and corporate..

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Zippin Lane is our answer to the surging demand to quickly deploy frictionless retail experiences.

Zippin Introduces Zippin Lane, a New Concept Enabling Concessionaires and Retailers to Get a Checkout-free Store Up and Running Within a Week

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