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Cheers to Innovation! A Look at Checkout-free Draft

Bonnie Milam Dec 5, 2023 6:00:00 AM

Zippin and DraftServ partnered with GS Draft to create the world's first checkout-free, self-serve draft beer and cocktail experience. This concept is set to reshape the way fans enjoy their gameday experience and give fans more personalized beverage options. Sports Business Journal highlighted this technology in their most recent publication

The collaboration involves Zippin’s checkout-free platform, DraftServ’s “BevOS” which manages self-pouring beer walls, and GS Draft which provides the customer-facing draft tap wall. Fans over 21 years old simply enter the Zippin-powered store with a credit card, grab a cup, fill it with the drink of their choice, and zip out. Upon exiting, they are automatically charged for what they pour along with anything else they take. 

Here's why it’s a game-changer:

Traditionally, lines are long at concession stands, and even longer at stands with draft beer. Draft beer stands require staff to take orders and pour drinks, which is inefficient and time-consuming. By combining the speed of checkout-free shopping with the personalization of self-poured drinks, fans get an elevated beverage experience without compromising their time. 

This innovative shopping experience has already proven successful, transforming a previously underperforming traditional bar at Capital One Arena into a top-10 food and beverage stand. While there were initial concerns that self-poured drinks would slow down shopping, the average entry-to-exit process for fans pouring beers is just 83 seconds, dispelling these worries.

Zip in. Select and pour your drink. Zip out.


[click image for video of checkout-free draft beer at Capital One Arena]

Zippin Gateway is key to adding this new fan experience to checkout-free shopping. Zippin provides an API framework for operators to add new capabilities and enhancements to the shopping experience.  With this integration, DraftServ's BevOS technology tracks exactly what was poured, by the ounce. This amount is passed back to Zippin to determine the final purchase amount. So, even a fan who pours a half-pour of beer is charged correctly. Neither system relies on the traditional practice of counting cups for tracking purposes. 

Checkout-free self-serve draft is currently available at two professional sports arenas and proving to be a hit with fans. During one of the busiest events of the season, draft beer sales were close to double packaged beer sales and 50% of all shoppers purchased a draft beverage.

As checkout-free draft beverages expand to more Zippin-powered stores, we anticipate fan adoption to continue to grow. If you’d like more information about checkout-free draft beverages, reach out to

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