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Join our CEO Krishna Motukuri to Learn the Power of Checkout-Free

Krishna Motukuri Jun 8, 2023 7:00:00 AM
Krishna Motukuri

Our CEO sat down with the Stadium Tech Report podcast to discuss the hottest technology in stadiums today: checkout-free concessions. The benefits are clear. Fans avoid waiting in long lines for food and drink and have more time enjoying what they really came for - the live event. Venues can serve far more fans in less time, so they’re no longer turning away customers and missing out on sales due to bottlenecks.

"From pretty much every stadium we’ve talked to, checkout-free
has been an instant win"

Operators investing in Zippin checkout-free technology often see returns in 2-6 months. Innovation is a core value of the company, so the technology is always evolving to keep costs down while offering new deployment options for the most flexibility. The Zippin Lane can be up and running in just weeks, even deployed during the sports season. And the new Zippin Walk-Up brings checkout-free innovation to existing hot food concessions stands. 

Today (especially in sports and entertainment) Zippin is well ahead of its competitors. Zippin has launched 101 stores and has served more than 2.1 million shoppers. But that’s just the beginning. According to Motukuri, most pro stadiums could operate 20 or more Zippin-powered stores. So, it’s still very early days in the adoption of this technology. Airports, train stations, college campuses, and other convenience-focused retail businesses are also seeing the benefits of checkout-free shopping. 

“It’s amazing what’s happened in the past year with checkout-free. Stadiums love it. Fans love it. - Stadium Tech Report

Listen to the full podcast here.

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