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How to Avoid Missing “Can’t-Miss” Sports Moments

Bonnie Milam Sep 14, 2023 8:00:00 AM

In sports, the moments of heart-pounding excitement are often fleeting, occurring in the blink of an eye. Whether it's a grand-slam home run, a game-winning interception in the NFL, or a perfectly executed penalty kick in MLS, these "once in a lifetime" plays often define the magic of live sports. Yet as fans, we give up precious game time by waiting in long lines for traditional concessions, potentially sacrificing the opportunity to witness history.

The atmosphere of a sports venue during a live game is electrifying. Fans gather to cheer on their favorite teams, enjoy the array of concessions, and experience the thrill of the crowd. Witnessing a “sports miracle” adds to the excitement and helps create lifelong memories. But, the time it takes to fetch a hot dog or a beer can mean the difference between experiencing these moments firsthand and the disappointment of hearing about them later.

Consider the grand slam home run, one of baseball's most exhilarating plays. In just a few seconds, a single batter can change the course of a game. But here's the kicker: the time spent in line for concessions can be upwards of 15 minutes. In that short window, you could be the fan watching the baseball soar over the fence, or the fan stuck watching it on the jumbotron while waiting in line for nachos.

This is true across all sports. In the NFL, where interceptions can be game-changers, waiting for a hot pretzel might mean missing an unexpected pick-six. In soccer, a perfectly executed penalty kick can have fans erupting in joy or despair, depending on which side they're rooting on. You'll only catch the replay if you're stuck waiting for a cold beverage.

Concessions are an integral part of the game day experience and a key driver for fan satisfaction. But fans can’t enjoy what they don’t buy. A recent study showed 45% of fans abandoned concession lines without a purchase because the wait was too long. This is lost revenue for the concessions operator and creates unsatisfied fans unable to get the refreshments they desire. 

That’s why checkout-free concessions are exploding across sports and entertainment. Fans can simply tap a credit card to enter, take what they want, and exit. While checkout-free has been primarily adopted for drink markets, Zippin is helping operators convert existing hot food stands into checkout-free experiences. This significantly increases fan throughput and reduces shopping times to as little as 30 seconds. This helps fans minimize their time away from the action while still enjoying the stadium's culinary delights.     

In sports, to be able to say, "I was there when it happened," holds immense value. The thrill of witnessing a game-changing moment live, sharing that excitement with fellow fans, and feeling the collective heartbeat of a stadium is an experience like no other. Checkout-free technology helps venues minimize bottlenecks and friction for fans and maximize their chances of experiencing the magic that unfolds on the field. Not only is this good for fans, but it's good for venues' bottom line. Allegiant Stadium has seen revenues grow by 78% with their checkout-free stores from Zippin. 


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