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Zippin Brings New Innovations to Sports Venues

Bonnie Milam Sep 27, 2023 6:45:58 AM

As a trailblazer in checkout-free technology, Zippin is revolutionizing the way sports fans grab their favorite snacks and drinks. Zippin Lanes, launched last year, have yielded 78% higher sales (or more) when compared with traditional stands. With results like this, why stop with beverage stands? The Sports Business Journal details some of Zippin's recent success in a recent article. 

Checkout-free Hot Foods

The concept is simple yet brilliant.  Zippin now brings checkout-free technology to where the food is being made: traditional concession stands. It’s called the Zippin Walk-Up and it seamlessly blends technology with tradition. GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, home to the Kansas City Chiefs, is one of 10 NFL stadiums rolling out this innovation for the 2023 season. During opening weekend, shopping times plummeted to just 30 seconds and sales were more than 30% higher than the grill-stand it replaced, according to Sports Business Journal. Zippin’s technology reduced shopping times so significantly, the only remaining bottleneck is the speed of kitchen production.

Breaking Down The Barriers of Checkout-free

A key to Zippin's leadership in sports is its dedication to making checkout-free more accessible. Its most recent innovations help venues adapt existing infrastructure and investments to checkout-free without costly retrofits.  Traditional concession stands can be converted into checkout-free even mid-season. Most of the pre-work (such as ensuring the space has adequate power and internet access) is completed by a contractor ahead of time, so rolling out Zippin’s tech can be done in just about a day. Plus, Zippin Walk-Up doesn’t require upfront CapEx - it’s simply an OpEx, subscription-based pricing model. 

System Flexibility

Another place Zippin has found success is with its ability to adapt to the unique needs of its clients. This includes supporting integrations with various credit card processors, loyalty programs, and fan engagement initiatives. The article details two revolutionary new fan experiences powered by Zippin beyond checkout-free hot foods: automated ID verification and draft beer options. Zippin's API-first approach to innovation makes it easy for store operators to add new integrations that provide more customized experiences for their fans. 

Zippin's unique approach to checkout-free technology is reshaping the way fans enjoy concessions at sports stadiums. This is evidenced by the more than 2.7 million people who have shopped at Zippin-powered stores and the growing number of stores being deployed across professional sports venues. For more information about Zippin for your venue, please contact us


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