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DFW Airport Takes Off: Zippin Awards Celebrate Winner of Biggest Baskets & Highest Grossing Store!

Bonnie Milam Jan 29, 2024 8:00:00 AM

We're excited to announce Puente Enterprises' Fort Worth Magazine Travel Store at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) won two 2023 Zippin Awards: Biggest Baskets and Highest Grossing Store in the Travel Category. 


The 1,400 square-foot store, located in Terminal C near gate 35, achieved remarkable success with $2.8 million in sales in 2023. It sells over 900 items, from snacks and personal care items to Bluetooth headphones and magazines. Since its opening in July 2022, the store has catered to tens of thousands of travelers, capitalizing on the airport's commitment to innovation. Performance results include:

  • 47% increase in average transaction value
  • 33% higher sales per quarter
  • 25% reduction in payroll costs 

DFW's dedication to providing frictionless experiences aligns with Zippin's checkout-free technology which eliminates shopping friction. By removing the traditional checkout, travelers don't risk missing their flight by stopping to make a purchase. Gina Puente, a 30-year veteran retailer at DFW and owner of the winning store said, "I've lost count of how many people I've seen over the years miss their flights due to long lines."

The recognition for this checkout-free store extends beyond Zippin's award. The Fort Worth Magazine Travel Store also received the 2023 Best Performance in the Newsstand/ Convenience Store Category. This dual victory solidifies the store's position as a leader in retail innovative and high-performing airport experiences.


"We are extremely proud DFW Airport selected Fort Worth Magazine Travel Store for the 2023 Best Performance in the Newsstand/Convenience Store category in December. It’s the winning efforts of PEI and Zippin to not only obtain validation of retail frictionless technology operations at an airport, but also receive the highest accolades as the best in class in the very competitive DFW Airport market," says Puente. 

Learn more about the Zippin Awards here. 

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