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Making History: French Open Debuts First Checkout-free Store, Powered by Zippin

Bonnie Milam Jun 12, 2024 12:12:38 PM

A new checkout-free store debuted at this year’s French Open. Launched in collaboration between Zippin, Sodexo Live!, and Fujitsu, this store also represents the first public autonomous store in France.

Housed in a historic building at the Auteuil Greenhouses near Court Simonne-Mathieu, the 630-square-foot store offers a variety of cold sandwiches, pre-packaged beverages, and snacks. Tennis fans simply tap a payment method to enter, select their items, and zip out. Zippin’s checkout-free platform uses advanced AI, computer vision, and sensor fusion to accurately determine purchases and automatically bill shoppers upon exiting the store. There are no lines, no scanning, and no mobile app required. 

French open store 3

Following the success of the Zippin-powered American Express Shop at the US Open for the past two years, this innovative shopping experience lets visitors enjoy more of their time at one of the tennis world's most prestigious events. Whether grabbing a quick snack between sets or stocking up on tournament merchandise, the Zippin-powered store makes shopping fast and effortless. 

In the Sports Business Journal article about the new store, Paul Pettas, VP of Brand & Communications at Sodexo Live!, called the store a success and expressed enthusiasm for the checkout-free store experience. We’re certainly very excited to see how it develops and grows. We’re excited to see how we can bring it to life in an even better way next year.”

Krishna Motukuri, co-founder and CEO of Zippin, highlighted the unique nature of this installation, emphasizing the minimal impact the checkout-free conversion had on the historic building. "The fact that [we needed to make] minimal changes to the building meant that all the components that we used are portable, modular, and require the least amount of changes to the space," Motukuri explained.

french open store2

The new checkout-free store at the French Open adds to Zippin's portfolio of high-profile event installations, including the US Open, FIFA World Cup, and the Super Bowl. As this technology continues to evolve, both Sodexo Live! and Zippin are excited to refine and expand their autonomous shopping solutions for future events.

You can read the whole article here.

To learn more about checkout-free technology for your store, contact Zippin here.

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