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Krishna Motukuri

Krishna Motukuri is the CEO of Zippin, drawing on his deep retail technology, ecommerce and startup experience to lead Zippin. Most recently, he was a portfolio company CEO at Naspers Group, where he built and grew multiple e-commerce businesses in India and South Africa. Earlier in his career, Krishna spent seven years at Amazon leading teams in search, marketing, global expansion and supply chain. In 2006 he left Amazon to start Ugenie, a next-gen comparison shopping site that was acquired in 2008 by Post-acquisition, Krishna assumed the role of SVP, Business Development at Lulu and established key partnerships with Apple, McGraw Hill, Google and others. Krishna has a Masters degree from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and a Bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. In his spare time, he enjoys travel and spending time outdoors with his family.

It’s Not Just Contactless Retail: Our Entire Future is Contactless

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How Checkout-free Retail is Shaping the Future of Live Sporting Events

The NBA season is starting on December 22 amid the challenges of COVID-19. The question of whether and how to accommodate fans at live sporting events during the pandemic has been..

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The Importance of Japan in the Adoption of Checkout-Free Retail

Zippin is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Fujitsu, the leading systems integrator (ICT) in Japan, to bring checkout-free technology to Japan. After a successful..

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3 Trends That are Bringing a Multi-Channel Future to Grocery Retail

The pandemic is transforming the concept of grocery stores as we know them. Especially with the spotlight on health concerns and avoiding crowds, grocery shopping is becoming a..

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How the Pandemic is Accelerating The Future of Frictionless Shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change in numerous areas of everyday life, and one of the most prominent is the rapid adoption of frictionless shopping, checkout-free..

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Defining “Frictionless” and “Checkout-Free”: Why Many of the Latest Automated Retail Solutions Are Anything But

It’s hard to miss the latest headlines about big retail brands rolling out new innovations designed to provide better shopping experiences. Many of these initiatives are oriented..

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Why Automate Checkout?

Growing up in India in the 80s, one of the vivid memories I have is of accompanying my mother to the neighborhood grocery store. It was a small store, probably 500 sq ft, but had..

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