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🎉 Zippin Celebrates 2.1 Million Shoppers Embracing Checkout-Free! 🎉

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Time, Energy and the Planet

We are in the midst of an AI boom. Over the last several months, AI-powered text and images (referred to as foundation models) have captured everyone’s attention - and this is..

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AI is just a teammate that (accurately) takes care of the boring stuff

Technology has often been feared as something that would eliminate human jobs. So it's understandable that some people worry the same is true with AI. AI can actually make jobs..

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How we're still being tricked into waiting in line

According to a recent study commissioned by Zippin, 53% of shoppers have left a store without their purchase because of long checkout lines. Persistent labor shortages in retail..

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3 Big Differences Between Checkout-Free and Self-Checkout

As checkout-free shopping continues to expand throughout the world of retail, inevitable comparisons to self-checkout have followed, but it’s important to note the differences...

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The Impact of Checkout-free from Airports to NFL

Whether you’re a 1.8 million-square-foot, world-class stadium in Las Vegas or the second busiest airport in the U.S., Zippin’s checkout-free platform has proven to be the..

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Zippin Walk-Up: The Simplest Way to Deploy Checkout-Free With No CapEx

Zippin’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of checkout-free technology which means we continually innovate around solutions and business models that make it easier for..

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Retailers Adding $555 Billion Headwind To The Economy Due to Long Lines

At Zippin we spend a lot of time and energy better understanding the challenges retailers are facing, and thinking about consumers’ experiences in stores and how they can be..

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