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UNLV Frictionless Market Powered by Zippin

Zippin-powered UNLV Frictionless Market Grand Opening

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Zippin Brings New Innovations to Sports Venues

As a trailblazer in checkout-free technology, Zippin is revolutionizing the way sports fans grab their favorite snacks and drinks. Zippin Lanes, launched last year, have yielded..

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How to Avoid Missing “Can’t-Miss” Sports Moments

In sports, the moments of heart-pounding excitement are often fleeting, occurring in the blink of an eye. Whether it's a grand-slam home run, a game-winning interception in the..

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The Winning Play: Digital ID Verification with Checkout-Free Shopping

In today’s world of sports and entertainment, enhancing the fan experience is paramount. Traditional checkout lines and manual ID checks have long been bottlenecks that stand in..

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Today’s College Experience: Appealing to Digital Natives

As college students eagerly prepare to step back onto campus, a palpable buzz of excitement fills the air. The return to college marks a fresh chapter for both returning students..

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The Undeniable Convenience of Ridesharing & Checkout-Free

"What did we do before Uber? How did anyone get anywhere?" I'm sure we've all pondered this question. It's the modern-day version of marveling at ancient modes of transportation...

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A Rain Delay Isn't a Washout with Zippin...

Outdoor festivals are one of the highlights of summer. They’re a kaleidoscope of music, people, food, and experiences that bring joy to all the fans. Part of the excitement of..

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Too Little Time or Too Few Hands? The Hassles of Traditional Airport Shopping

I don’t travel as much as I used to. But I remember the years I spent flying somewhere different every few weeks. The excitement and dread came in equal measure as I headed out to..

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Summer Concerts & Chicken Fingers & Zippin: A Love Story

This summer’s concert season is likely to be the biggest ever. With pent-up demand for live events, Live Nation saw ticket sales 73% higher than last year just in the first..

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